4 important factors that soft packaging is popular in the market

[Jiuzhi Plastics News] At present, flexible packaging is increasingly popular among consumers in the market. There are several important reasons why the popularity of flexible packaging continues to increase among consumers and brand owners, and new market landscapes are constantly being expanded. The following are four major advantages of packaging in flexible packaging:
1. Convenient transportation: Flexible packaging is lightweight, making it more economical in the domestic or foreign market distribution process. It is most suitable for expensive and compact products.
2, reduce waste: flexible packaging uses less plastic materials than rigid containers, this method reduces unnecessary waste, is an economic choice. More importantly, new methods and technologies have broadened the choice of people in their lives in flexible packaging. For example, experts have discovered a way to promote the breakdown of flexible packaging plastics. In landfills, an additive is added to the packaging material and microbial changes are made inside the package within 18 months. The package is broken down into water and carbon, which has less environmental impact than traditional rigid packaging.
3. Strong attraction: Flexible packaging is more attractive to consumers because it has a strong appeal on the shelves and often plays a compelling billboard effect. For example, a stand-up pouch will immediately receive the attention of consumers.
4. Protection products: The materials used in flexible packaging can usually block harmful ultraviolet rays, moisture, pollution and oxygen from the sun. Aluminum foils have exceptionally high oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapor transmission rate (MVTR), providing a more functional package for products that need to withstand harmful elements.

It is made from dodecylphenol by means of sulfurization, neutralization, and medium alkalization. It has wonderful high temperature detergency, remarkable resistance to oxidation, resistance to corrosion, considerable acid-neutralization, demulsibility and oil solubility. It has preferable compatibility with other additives and has active effect in reducing carbon deposition of piston top ring groove, and it is widely used to blend middle & high grade ICE oil.

Based on the TBN number, it can be classified as Medium Based (TBN 160) Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenate T121, Overbased (TBN 295) Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenate T122, Super Overbased (TBN 302) Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenate T123.

Calcium Alkyl Phenate

Calcium Alkyl Phenate

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