Analysis on the production process of medicinal plastic bottles

The plastic injection blown hollow medicinal plastic bottle in the production process of the stainless steel flat chain of the conveyor belt is not easy to rust, which is conducive to cleaning, thus avoiding contamination of the medicinal plastic bottle. Raw materials used in production will cause bubbles on the surface of medicinal plastic bottles if the water exceeds the standard. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the raw materials with a dryer.

The conveyor belt is generally composed of a stainless steel flat chain transmission device, a flame treatment device, a counting device, and the like. Since the stainless steel flat chain is not easy to rust and is good for cleaning, it avoids the pollution of the medicinal plastic bottle and meets the strict sanitary requirements of the medical packaging. Compared with the plastic flat chain, the stainless steel flat chain has a small deformation after flame treatment. The flame treatment device can remove oil from the medicinal plastic bottle body for the purpose of facilitating labeling. The size and height of the flame can be adjusted at will to meet the temperature requirements of different pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

The number of medicinal plastic bottles can be correctly recorded. When the number of medicinal plastic bottles reaches the set value, the alarm signal will sound. Compared with manual manipulation, the conveyor belt greatly reduces the possibility of contamination of medicinal plastic bottles and meets the requirements of medical packaging hygiene.

Usually, if the moisture content in the raw material is seriously exceeded, it will cause irregular streaks and bubbles on the surface of the medicinal plastic bottle. At this time, it is necessary to dry the raw material with a dryer. In general, it is not necessary to use a raw material dryer as long as the raw materials are purchased and stored scientifically and in a standardized manner. In order to improve the automation level of production equipment and reduce the labor intensity of workers, it is recommended to use automatic feeders.

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