Brief introduction of V1.0 dealer management system

The specific dealer management system V1.0 software is an integrated information management system that helps dealers achieve multi-user, multi-store, and cross-region, with powerful features, flexible processes, wide coverage, easy to learn, easy to use, rigorous and reliable. It designs six functions including basic management, customer management, sales management, warehouse management, report query, and system management for department store management in the enterprise. This is more conducive to stores in a timely manner to understand sales and distributors to grasp the company's business in a timely manner, while strengthening internal management control of the enterprise, standardizing the management process of the enterprise, and strengthening monitoring , thereby enhancing the company's comprehensive business statistical analysis capabilities.

In this management process, basic management is mainly for data maintenance of product information, basic information, warehouse information, user information, product brand, and information management. It supports Excel quick import function for products , provides keyword search function, and improves the work of practitioners. effectiveness.

Customer management is mainly about understanding and mastering customer information. When there are promotional activities, preferential gifts and other activities in the store, they are sent to customers in a short message in a timely manner to enhance the customer's awareness of the corporate brand. At the same time, send blessing text messages on holidays and customers 'birthdays. Such intimate service can increase customers' return rate.

Sales management is mainly for the management of sales and delivery and sales process. It is more convenient and faster to fill in and modify sales orders. Support prices and product cost prices are automatically obtained from sales price data, which is convenient for counting product sales and total product costs. . And can display the real-time amount of sales order arrears, order delivery and prompt SMS to remind customers, so as to form a standardized service.

Warehouse management includes five items: product storage, storage management, product inventory, product storage, and warehouse inventory. Assist in real-time inventory and provoking business, and realize the supervision of the whole process of warehouse management. Among them, according to the order storage, multiple products can be entered in one storehouse, making the company more aware of the product receipt, distribution, and storage status, and rich storage reports, supporting customers' multi-dimensional data statistical analysis to form a reasonable inventory report.

The powerful report query function satisfies the variability, complexity and diversity of the company's report requirements, including business management reports that realize the annual and monthly total sales of sales staff and stores and meet various needs. At the same time, it supports customers' multi-angle and multi-dimensional data statistical analysis, which accelerates the company's comprehensive response speed.

A complete set of A / C set management tools are provided in the system management to achieve centralized, safe and aspect management. Maintain employee data within the enterprise, and perform different permission operations according to different roles granted by users.

The software interface of the personal dealer is designed to be friendly. All the related functions of the current module are concentrated in one interface. The user can complete all the business processing of the current system without switching the interface; each module designs the business according to the daily actual business logic. The process wizard guides the customer to quickly grasp the processing logic of the software; at the same time, although the entire system has nine modules, the basic operation methods among the modules are highly consistent. You only need to be familiar with the use of several functional modules to bypass the master of other modules. Basic operation.

In addition, the personal dealer software uses the Microsoft SQL Server (MSDE) data platform, which has more secure and powerful data storage, joint inspection and summary functions. Automatic maintenance and backup functions can ensure data security, and professional product design capabilities have laid a solid foundation for product stability, mass processing, and continuous development.

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