Cabinet door type cupboard door panel advantages and disadvantages

With the increase in the market demand for cabinets, the types of cabinet doors have become more and more, so we do not know how to choose. Today we have to analyze the types of cabinet door panels to make our selection more targeted.

1, solid wood board

The use of solid wood cabinet doors, style is more classical, usually higher prices. Its door frame is solid wood, mainly cherry, walnut and oak. The core of the door is a medium-density board with solid wood. In the production, concave and convex shapes are generally made on the surface of the solid wood, and paint is applied outside, so that the original wood color is maintained and the sculpt is beautiful. This can guarantee the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of the frame and the core board can ensure the strength of the door panel.

The cabinets made of solid wood belong to high-grade cabinets. The designs are mainly based on classical style, elegant and introverted, with a hussy, stable color and durable.

Advantages: noble and generous, with a return to nature, back to the original effect.

Disadvantages: It is easily deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity and is less suitable for frequent use in Chinese kitchens. Its price is expensive.

Environmental protection: Natural wood's environmental protection is naturally good, but most domestic manufacturers use PE paint for surface treatment to ensure luster effect. The environmental performance of this paint is questioned. In the course of use, PE paint requires a large amount of solvents to evaporate to form a paint film. Such a paint film is not as hard as the resin is cured, and the volatilization of the solvent causes certain environmental pollution, and it also brings about to the construction personnel. Health damage.

Current situation: At present, there is still a big gap between the domestic manufacturers' level of solid wood cabinet technology and that of the international market. Domestically produced solid wood door panels currently have problems such as easy deformation, easy cracking, and rough surface due to the production process. There is even an imitation wood on the market. MDF, multi-layer solid wood production, plus paint, pay attention when buying. Imported solid wood cabinets are expensive and less changeable in appearance. Imported brands include Germany, Italy, and Spain.

2, blister board

The blister board substrate is a density board, the surface is vacuum-plasticized or a seamless PVC film pressure molding process is adopted. Blister-type door panel is rich in color, vivid wood grain, pure color, pure color, no cracking and deformation, resistance to scratch, heat, stain resistance, fade resistance, is the most mature cabinet material, and daily maintenance is simple. Blister door panels are a very mature and very popular type of cabinet material in Europe, but the quality of many PVC blister door panels made in China is not excessive.

Blister board: The advantage of Blister board is its high abrasion resistance. It can be cleaned directly with steel balls without damaging the surface and color. However, the disadvantage of the blister board is that it is afraid of heat. Even a small cigarette butt can damage the surface of the film.

Blister points are divided into domestic and imported categories. Domestically, they are easily peeled and peeled, but they are more expensive to import. Generally small brands will not give you imported, even if you give enough money. But in general, the plastic styling is rich.

Is a PVC film and density board made of high-temperature vacuum plastic, with good waterproof performance, good wear resistance characteristics, and the color is very rich, you can also make a beautiful door shape, but the heat resistance is not very good, heating Can not be too close to the plastic cupboard. The quality of plastic cupboards, in addition to the impact of the substrate, the quality of the relationship with the PVC film is relatively large, poor PVC film aging cycle is short, the service life is short, in addition there is a relationship with the plastic equipment, the quality is not easy Curling and blistering.

Advantages: It looks like solid wood. Its color is more uniform than solid wood and it does not leak oil.

Disadvantages: It is easy to open the rubber, poor high temperature performance. Molded it with a density board as the substrate, and the surface mold PVC as the veneer by high temperature hot press molding. It is divided into two categories: matte molded plate and high-gloss molded plate, and can be processed into various shapes. There are domestic imports of facial masks, imports generally come from Korea, Japan, Germany. The difference between imported and domestic products lies in the thickness and thinness of the face mold and wear resistance. The properties are basically similar to those of blister.

3, melamine board

The melamine board full name is a melamine impregnated film coated wood-based panel, which is a paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, it is paved on particleboard, MDF or The surface of hard fiberboard is hot pressed. The melamine veneer door is represented by the German love family board, which has the advantages of smooth surface, no deformation, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. Coupled with the original seal notes, giving a visual effect as a whole. The domestic production of melamine veneer door panel is represented by Lushuihe plate, and all the indicators have also reached international standards.

Advantages: It is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, bump-resistant, and economical.

Disadvantages: General water resistance, mild swelling after immersion. The color is simpler, not significant grades, not enough bright and beautiful, comprehensive, that is to say, the three hydrogen ammonia cupboard doors are economical, durable, and the colors are not too bright.

4, paint board

The medium-density board is used as the base material of the lacquer board, and the surface is baked at high temperature after six times of baking and baking paint (three bottoms, two sides, one light). The "baking paint" currently used for cabinets only illustrates one kind of process, that is, after the paint is sprayed into the drying room, it is heated and dried to treat the substrate door.

Advantages: Bright and easy to shape, with strong visual impact, beautiful and stylish, waterproof performance

Disadvantages: high technological level, high scrap rate, so the price is high, use care must also be careful, afraid of bumps and scratches, poor wear resistance, poor acid and alkali resistance, once it is difficult to repair the damage, To replace the whole; oily kitchen more prone to color.

Current situation: There is a big gap in the technical level of the paint, and careful attention is paid to buying substandard goods at high prices. There are several reasons for the difference in the quality of the paint door. On the one hand, it is related to the quality of the paint. If you use inferior paint, the color is not pure enough, and there is odor, especially in the process, the paint needs to be sprayed many times. Baking and grinding to ensure the thickness of the paint film, the adhesion of the paint film and the substrate and the flatness and gloss of the paint film, and other factory conditions do not have, or deliberately cut corners to reduce costs, the quality is relatively poor Because the paint needs dust-free paint room, if the conditions are poor, it may contain dust and impurities.

5, UV board

The UV panel is a panel that is UV-cured UV lacquer-treated. UV is the English abbreviation for Ultraviolet. UV lacquer is UV-curing lacquer, also called light-initiated coating. Ordinary wood board, calcium silicate board, etc. The board passes UV lacquer, and is then dried by UV light curing machine.

Advantages: bright color, strong visual impact, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean

Disadvantages: not easy to do modeling, you must edge, usually metal edge, once the edge loose, it will affect the use of normal is not such a situation.
Status quo: Speaking of the UV board market, it is understood that it is explosive edges, shedding, color and other impressions, in fact, there are also true and false, the composition of true UV is UV + UV surface or PE bottom + UV surface, false UV It is the PE bottom + PE surface, and it is related to the process technology. Because the surface of the UV board adopts five UV curing paints on the coating process, the intensity of light curing can cause the degree of close bonding between the paint films. At present, UV panels are concentrated in the areas around Zhejiang and Shanghai. The process is approaching maturity. The stable nature of brand manufacturers is favored by many brand cabinet manufacturers.

6, crystal plate (carbon plate) glass

Jinggang plate is a new product in recent years. Its essence is glass. It has been tempered. The degree of tempering is not the same. It is too hard to cut. The trend is more and more common vitrification. It looks great, but many big cabinet brands don't do it.

7, acrylic board

100% pure acrylic is the best new material in the field of household building materials after ceramics. Compared with traditional materials, 100% pure acrylic sheet has the following advantages in addition to unparalleled high light brightness: full color, strong three-dimensional, high hardness, good toughness, unbreakable, and repairable, can meet different grades The pursuit of personality. Cabinet doors made of 100% pure acrylic are not only exquisite in style but also environmentally friendly.

8, fire board

Then we talk about the fire board door panel, also known as the fire board, which refers to a layer of veneer, the thickness is generally about 0.8 mm, is a kind of decoration with surface paper, colored paper and multi-layer kraft paper The panel has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance and resistance to open flame, easy to clean and durable, and rich in color and stability. In the domestic market, the higher visibility is the United States, Wei Shengya, Fu Mei, and West Germany. Fireproof door panels, because of their good performance and rich colors, can combine practicality and color richness well, so they account for a certain market share.

These are more common, but also on the market more types of cabinet door use, after reading these small series of explanations should have a certain understanding of the cabinet door. More knowledge about cabinet doors can be found on this website.

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