Ceiling quotation and integrated ceiling selection techniques

Do not know if you have understanding of ceilings and integrated ceilings. In the home improvement ceiling is also a project that can not be ignored. The quality of the ceiling also directly affects the overall decoration effect. We all know that the price of a product and its material is Directly linked. The different materials are different prices. For the ceilings and integrated ceilings, the following Xiaobian will talk about the price of different materials per square meter, but only as a reference price, the actual prices are mainly based on the vendors in different regions of the market.

Gypsum board ceiling ceiling 40 yuan; gypsum board level straight line ceiling two 45 yuan; gypsum board level linear ceiling three 50 yuan; gypsum board level linear ceiling above four 60 yuan; gypsum board level curve ceiling two 50 yuan; gypsum board Level curve ceiling three 65 yuan; gypsum board level curve ceiling more than four 80 yuan; gypsum board flat seam 45 yuan; the above reference price is more than 5 square meters, less than 5 square meters, then certainly will be more expensive.

The price of light steel keel ceilings is generally ranging from RMB 40 to RMB 80. The materials have been purchased, and the decoration technology has to pass through. Otherwise, the best material will become the beginning of trouble. Some businesses are based on square meters, some are based on the number of plates, of course, most of them are still squared.

Because the difference in prices varies from region to region, prices cannot be unified across the country. If it is to do integrated ceiling, use 100 yuan to 120 yuan a square meter or so on it. In the case of aluminum gussets, the prices are generally ranging from 55 yuan to 90 yuan, and the price for baking keel mineral wool slabs is around 30 yuan.

Due to the different construction difficulties, some package construction companies have added the construction fee to the material fee, so there will be hundreds of yuan per square meter. Of course, specific or according to the situation of the sellers around, and the price is negotiable, but the quality and technology must be perfect. Because ceilings do not only take a day or two.

First, integrated ceiling selection skills

Nowadays, there are a variety of promotional activities in furniture and building materials, and the incentives are often tempting. However, the owners need to pay more attention to the benefits of integrated ceilings. After all, many integrated ceiling products have little difference in appearance, but the internal quality is very different. .

When purchasing integrated ceilings, paying attention to styles is not enough. As the saying goes, the three-point material, seven-point installation, and choice of integrated ceiling brands must be clearly understood for the brand's installation quality. Reasonable design and installation are very important for integrated ceiling decoration. The essential.

Second, the quality of service

Many of the integrated ceilings in the home are in oily or relatively humid environments. After a long time of use, they will inevitably age. Therefore, when choosing an integrated ceiling brand, it is best to look at the after-sales service of the brand.

Third, how to choose integrated ceiling?

The integrated ceiling industry continues to evolve and product styles are constantly changing. Before purchasing integrated ceilings, you may wish to pay attention to the latest industry trends, and let your home's integrated ceiling keep up with the times while enjoying the safety and security brought by the latest concepts. health.

Summary: After reading this article, we also have a preliminary understanding of ceilings and integrated ceilings. We must also pay attention to the brand of the product when it is specifically selected. The appearance can be placed next. The quality must be ranked first, with regard to ceilings. The relevant information on quotation and integrated ceiling selection techniques was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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