Choose wooden doors to pay attention to different prices

Modern wood door cladding materials are many, and the use of veneer and stickers are common, but the grades are completely different. When consumers buy it, it is crucial to figure out whether it is solid wood, veneer, or stickers. Solid wood and veneer can be called "wooden doors", and stickers can only be called "grain doors." Experts remind consumers to look at the purchase of wooden doors first to see whether the product has a national product certification, and must pay attention to view the product certification on the wooden doors detected by the relevant departments in order to avoid being fooled.

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The cost of wooden doors in the total amount of decorating investment is generally 5% to 6%. Due to factors affecting prices such as materials, paint, labor, processing technology, and corporate profits, the prices of wooden doors on the market are also quite different, ranging from 800 yuan/set to 3,000 yuan/set. Because the processing technology content of wooden doors is not very high, competition will often only work on materials, labor, and paint, and there will inevitably be quality problems. Therefore, after understanding the regular prices on the market, try not to buy ultra-low-priced products.

So how do you choose the right wooden door? The first thing to notice is that the material used for the door should be consistent with the overall decorative material. It is understood that most of the wooden doors on the market today are based on pine wood or imported filling materials for the door core skeleton, external medium density board and solid wood veneer, made after high temperature hot pressing, called "solid wood composite door." The so-called “all solid wood doors” in the eyes of consumers are generally used only for varieties and parts with less materials, such as wood strips and edge seals, even if they are imported high-grade European doors.

To make the wooden door durable and non-deformable, it is necessary to use wood keel materials that have been dried strictly. The internal filler material has a reasonable structure and is in line with the principle of mechanical stress cancellation to ensure that the appearance of the wooden door is within the specified range. The country has three criteria for appearance indicators: high-level, intermediate-level, and general-level. The wooden doors with good quality shall be formed by hot-pressing process, mechanical edge sealing of solid wood edge banding machines, sanding by sanding machines to ensure smooth, firm and beautiful appearance.

Select a man-made wood door to see the finish, that is, shape and paint color; Second, see the proof to see the content of toxic substances; Third, to see whether the material is solid wood material; Four to see the work, whether the size of the rules, strict integration. If your room decoration is of Chinese traditional style, you can choose lattice wooden doors or economical flat doors and plywood mosaic doors. The door has a smooth surface with a deep bottom and a rich decorative effect. Some families choose to make door frames and door covers by the decoration team, Chinese style carvings on the upper half of the door, and outsource to the carving manufacturers. But this gave the paint a problem. Because a door is made by two companies, whether or not paint is uniform is a problem. However, if it is outsourced to Chinese-style door makers, the cost will be higher.

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