Classification analysis of anti-theft alarm system

In the intelligent house design and selection work, the anti-theft design of the windows and the verandah has become a prominent problem in the current system design and real estate business. Alarms can be divided into active infrared radiation detectors, dual-function anti-theft glass windows, glass break alarms, and dual beam fence passive infrared detectors.

1, active infrared detector

Receiving this type of detector, the distance between the ends of the 5-10-20-30-40 ----- 250m range, the same specifications are usually three times the distance in the indoor outdoor role. The use of anti-theft doors and windows in the exterior, especially for residential buildings without external walls and seven bays and eight bays, is also a common choice. It can be set downstairs on the grass or along the ground floor/garage floor. For the protection of doors and windows, it is important to pay attention to the false alarm caused by infrared radiation, rain and fog, and electrical noise.

2, double-function anti-theft glass window

This anti-theft window is a passive conductive film coated and adhered to the edge of the glass, and then pressed in the window frame, will not be affected by the wind and rain. The glass plane is regarded as a wire and is connected to the wired transmission alarm system through the double-node contact switch to the buried wire. Users can not see any alarm device around the doors and windows. For push-pull plastic steel windows or terraced sliding doors, when the glass is installed on the steel-plastic window, it must be matched with the anti-theft components, and the anti-theft film technology on the glass has obtained national patent.

3, glass breaking alarm

Many imported "glass breaking alarms" are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling, using glass broken ultrasonic sensors, broken indoor glass appliances, telephone bells, alarm clocks, kettles, gongs, outdoor knocking sirens, sirens, and sirens. All kinds of sounds are difficult to identify. To this end, computer-aided sound effects are used to identify CAIR technology, software-controlled DSPs, etc., to distinguish between true and false alarms. For example, Visonic Inc. of Israel, Detection Systems Inc. of America, C&K Inc. and others have better products, and installation is also very convenient. However, it is not suitable for ordinary houses from the price point, it is for important and quiet indoor protection.

4, double beam fence passive infrared detector

This type of detector is commonly known as “electronic curtains”. It is suitable for the protection of doors and windows of arranging terraces. It is installed under the roof of arboretum and can distinguish the owner from the house (without alarm), determine the thief’s invasion from the arbor (alarm), and save the owner’s “fortification”. With the "disarm" and "false positives: trouble. It is installed in the high 2.5m guard is wide 1m long 6m, the owner back and forth from the tarmac time can be set in the range of 0-2-5-10 minutes, this detector is about 300 yuan / Only, for the bottom floor and the top floor of the top floor should be installed.

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