[Comprehensive] The Ordos City Transportation Management Bureau equips its staff with home first aid kits

With the increase of emergencies, people’s safety awareness has become higher and higher, and health emergency kits have gradually entered people’s daily lives, and they have gradually become essential items in their trips. In order to better promote family doctor-style service work, the Ordos City Transportation Management Bureau’s trade unions and offices have recently provided family-wide first-aid kits for workers in the entire system. The first-aid kit has five kinds of medicines and the entire first-aid kit is made of waterproof bags and printed. There are signs and warm greetings from the Transport Bureau.

During the distribution process, the employees were explained in detail on how to use the items in the first-aid kit. Employees were at home and out to pay attention to safety. The employees all said that this small first-aid kit was very practical and was prepared by the employees for the employees. Warm pericardium." This time a total of 751 boxes of first-aid kits were distributed, one for each employee.

Although the first-aid kit is small, it fully embodies the leadership of the City Transportation Management Bureau to employees. The Municipal Transport Management Bureau has always adhered to the "people-oriented" principle and always put the health of its employees first, and has strived to build a harmonious transport management system. Effectively protect the physical and mental health of employees, ensure that all employees can work with a healthy body and energy. Provide a safety barrier for employees to work and live in peace.

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