Direct reduction test of fine-grained hematite with SiO2

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Direct reduced iron is a high-quality electric steelmaking raw material. The development of direct reduced iron technology suitable for China's national conditions has broad prospects for development. In recent years, research on the direct reduction process of low-grade iron ore has been paid more and more attention. Considering the fact that China's coal resources are abundant and natural gas resources are relatively insufficient, the low-grade iron ore coal-based direct reduction-magnetic separation process has become one of the important research directions. . Under the suitable reduction and roasting conditions, the ore beneficiation magnetic separation can obtain concentrates with iron grade and recovery rate above 90%, which can effectively treat the fine-grained hematite.

The scholars of Central South University used hematite with SiO2 to directly reduce the micro-particle embedded hematite direct reduction roasting and its separation mechanism. X-ray diffraction scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrum were used to reduce the The product was analyzed. The results show that when SiO2 content is low, SiO2 has little effect on the direct reduction of fine-grained hematite. When the content of SiO2 increases, the metallization rate and sorting index of the reduced agglomerate decrease significantly. When the reduction temperature is high, the SiO2 pair The effect of direct reduction-sorting of fine-grained hematite is increased. The use of bituminous coal with better reactivity as reducing agent can increase the reduction rate of iron oxide in the reduction process, accelerate the reduction of iron oxide, and reduce the influence of SiO2 on the reduction-sorting index. When the content of SiO2 is increased, the content of iron silicate in the reduced calcined product increases, the content of metallic iron decreases, and the particle size of metallic iron particles decreases. The presence of SiO2 has a significant adverse effect on the direct reduction of fine-grained hematite. The suitable reduction temperature and good reduced coal are beneficial to improve the direct reduction-magnetic separation index of the fine-grained hematite. (perennial)

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