Drilling cost reduction drum type sandstone grinding wheel has market

The forming of the rhinestone, that is, the initial grinding of the rhinestone, is the process of grinding the glass beads into the initial shape of the diamond. This process is the key to verifying whether the crystal processing enterprise can truly enter the production of rhinestones, and it is also a difficult problem that the crystal processing industry has been difficult to overcome. Although huge market demand and attractive profits have driven some manufacturers with strong technical and financial strengths to work hard to import diamonds from Germany, Czech Republic and other countries, they are engaged in high-efficiency, low-cost, high-volume, environmentally-friendly Ideal grinding has never been achieved.

In China, the initial grinding of rhinestones uses imported equipment or domestic equipment. The grinding wheels currently used are sintered diamond grinding wheels, electroplated diamond grinding wheels and green silicon carbide grinding wheels. The three kinds of grinding wheels, the former are expensive, each wheel has a value of more than 100,000 yuan, and the requirements for the round busbar (working surface) are very high, and there must be no jumps; it needs to be frequently edged before use and during use. Brush the blade to keep it sharp. After the diamond working surface is ground, it is also troublesome to treat the residue on the axle. The latter two working faces are easy to control the jump, but the service life is very short, the total cost is still high, and there is also the problem of rear axle processing. The grinding hardness coefficient of these three grinding wheels is too large with the hardness coefficient of the crystal, and there are also problems of "touching" and scratching the rhinestone. Even in the case of reasonable speed, there is a very high requirement for the operator's operating technology. If there is a slight carelessness, the product may be damaged in batches.

Aiming at the current situation of abrasive tools in the rhinestone processing industry, many senior experts have experienced many difficult and meticulous discussions and searches, and have found a lot of good experiences and new ideas. Shandong Rizhao Qiuxin Craft Stone Co., Ltd. also participated in the research and development of this abrasive tool in early April 2005. Based on the striking similarity between stone processing and crystal processing, with the accumulation of stone processing technology and stone rock facies and performance characteristics for many years. After mastering the application, after a series of theoretical discussions, it is concluded that the initial grinding of the rhinestone must abandon the grinding and use the grinding. In May 2005, the materials were selected and the production process design was completed. In June 2005, the first pair of grinding wheels was first completed. After trial, you will succeed in one fell swoop!

The appearance of the drum type sandstone grinding wheel has made the industry stand out. First, whether it is an expensive grinding wheel of more than ten thousand yuan or tens of thousands of yuan, it can be replaced with a grinding wheel of several thousand yuan, which saves the grinding cost. Second, it is not necessary to adjust the jump of the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel before use. Third, the cutting edge and the edge of the blade at the beginning and in use are completely history. Fourth, it is very convenient to replace the grinding wheel without spending money on the residue on the axle. As long as the adhesive is installed on the melting shaft, the used core will be completely extracted. Fifth, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Since the sandstone grinding wheel is made of natural raw quartz, the hardness of quartz is Mohs 70. Under the operating condition, the grinding hardness can be slightly higher, and the rhinestone is also quartz. It is quartz which is annealed after high temperature and its true hardness is less than Mohs 70. At a reasonable speed, normal operation will not cause "touch" and scratching of the rhinestone. Sixth, the sandstone grinding wheel is in a self-sharp state from beginning to end, achieving gentle grinding.

The use of the new drum type large sandstone grinding wheel has reduced the cost of rhinestone processing by more than 30 times, the product productivity has increased by more than 20 times, and the product residual rate is almost zero. Although the specifications of the grinding wheel that have been successfully tested at present are only applicable to the matching equipment, domestic small equipment is also ready. It can be concluded that the emergence of a new drum type sandstone grinding wheel has completed a revolution in the production of rhinestones.

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