Factors affecting the salt fog box circuit control system

A large part of the circuit control system of the salt spray box on the market uses a printed circuit board as a carrier. Its drawback is that it limits the performance of the control system and needs to be improved by advanced analog design and complicated line control. If the circuit control system uses the printed circuit board as the main body, it will greatly reduce the cost and power consumption. Another influencing factor is the mixed signal source, which is mainly observed in the timing closure domain. As the signal speed increases, the control accuracy of the salt spray machine will continue to shrink, which increases the risk of circuit defects. Mingyuan Instrument's salt spray machine is currently using the latest technology control system on the market to create and display all power, lighting or sensing circuits that may meet your design needs in seconds. This feature allows users to make value comparisons at the system and supply chain levels. Our goal is to make the performance of the salt spray box more visual, easier to operate and more intuitive.

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