Family mirrors require family mirrors to place feng shui taboos

The mirror is indispensable in home life. It is not only convenient for people to arrange appearance, but also can play a decorative role. However, with respect to the placement of the mirror, it is necessary to pay attention to the convenience as well as the beauty, but also to feng shui. So, the next Xiaobian to introduce family home full-length mirror full-length mirror and put requirements placed feng shui taboos.

Family mirror placement requirements

1. Placement of mirrors in the living room

Placing a mirror in the living room can be used to decorate the space and relieve stress. For the placement of the living room mirror, green plants or flowers can be placed directly opposite the mirror, which can show beautiful visual effects in the mirror.

2. Placement of bedroom mirror

The dressing mirror is placed in the bedroom and the dressing mirror can be used well when changing clothes, but care must be taken to avoid scaring the mirror of the mirror in the middle of the night. The mirror in the bedroom is better placed on one side, which can expand the space. And it will not damage health.

3, bathroom mirror placement

For convenience, some people put the mirror in the bedroom in the bathroom. This can be more convenient for washing and makeup, but the mirror should be installed in a place where the waterproof requirement is relatively high.

4, the placement of the mirror at the entrance

The use of the dressing mirror is highest at the entrance. When the living room enters your home, you can use the dressing mirror to arrange the appearance. At the same time, it is not only very practical for placing mirrors at the entrance, but also visually realizes the wonderful effect of expanding space.

5, locker room dressing mirror placement

The dressing mirror placed in the dressing room should pay attention to the size of the dressing room. For U-shaped dressing room mirrors, it can be installed behind the door; L-shaped dressing room can be installed on the wall with no cabinet on the third side. Smaller dressing rooms can hide the mirror in the cabinet to save space.

Family dressing mirror placed feng shui taboo

1, the best in the bedroom is not to align the bed with the mirror, because people are most relaxed when sleeping, the most unsuspecting time. So getting up at night can sometimes be scared by a mirror. For the bedroom's mirror is best placed on one side, so that the bedroom can make the room more spacious.

2. If the mirror is placed in front of the gate, it will block the wealth, and it will be more suitable if placed on the entrance.

Editor's summary: The requirements for placing the family mirror and the feng shui taboo for family mirrors are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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