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Leading buy skills

First: look at the plating

That is, the metal layer on the faucet surface is mostly chrome-plated and nickel-plated. The number of layers processed is different, and the effect achieved is not the same. The product with poor plating quality has a white surface and a non-smooth feel. After careful observation, it is easy to find pores or oxidized spots. The hardness is low, and scratches are easily produced. It is difficult to clean up the water mist by putting such a leader home. Easily corroded. A good coating has a relatively high brightness and a uniform color, which can be seen as a mirror-like silhouette. When you buy it, you can try it with your hand or with a gas. The quality of the leading faucet with relatively fast disappearance of fog is relatively good.

Second: Test valve

The most important fitting on the faucet is the valve core, which can be turned on several dozen times a day without problems, mainly relying on it. Common faucet spools are stainless steel ball valves, ceramic valve plugs, and shaft roller valve plugs. Now, most products are equipped with ceramic valve plugs. A good product plug can withstand hundreds of thousands of opening tests. It is not possible to see it directly when you choose the leader, but you can feel it by toggling the handle back and forth. Products that are too loose or too tight are best not to be selected. Only those who feel comfortable and smooth and who use a flexible and comfortable faucet are good products.

Third, choose the style

Not only look at the quality of the leader, but also choose the style of the leader. There are many styles on the market today, such as single-handle, dual-handle, and touch-type products. We mainly select products based on the family's habits, the location of the product selection, and the decoration style.

Generally like convenient, fast, home decoration style simple people prefer a single handle hot and cold water mixing leading products, and used to adjust the water temperature, home decoration style than European style people will choose double handle faucet, touch faucet is commonly used in the basin, Suitable for young fashionistas.

Fourth: Trying to feel

When quality and style are selected, this faucet is not necessarily suitable for your home. Because it must be matched with basins and bathtubs and other sanitary wares, it is necessary to try the product design by yourself. Extend your hand to feel the height of the faucet, the range of activities, the outlet angle, and only ergonomic design. It will be comfortable to use.

A self-proclaimed water-saving product can be tested to see if it is really saving water. Whether the bubbler of the product will mix water and air well and form a water column that is adequate and gentle.

Fifth: Check Mark

The logo of the brand faucet is generally printed with a laser, which is aesthetically pleasing and does not prevent consumers from using it. However, in some workshops, branded or brand-name products are not labeled, or work is rough, which hinders beauty and use.

Sixth: Ask Warranty

Finally, ask the sales staff about the leading warranty. The products of the general brand promise a free warranty within five years, and some well-known brands will promise longer. Therefore, it is best for you to ask clearly when you choose.

Shower tips

In the past, the form of the shower was relatively simple. It was a hose with a 'blossom head' and the function was relatively small. Now, except for the shower head, many people began to use shower columns and Shower Screens. They looked more atmospheric and more functional. The way to choose a shower is similar to that of a faucet, but there are several other places that need attention:

1, suitable sprinkler

The types of sprinkler showers are now more and more developed. The maximum shower diameter can reach more than 80cm. It requires strong water pressure to ensure sufficient and smooth flowing water. It is difficult for ordinary families to meet such conditions. it. Therefore, choosing the size of the sprinkler depends not only on preferences, but also on the size of the bathroom space and the water pressure in the room.

Relatively speaking, 8-inch and 12-inch products are more suitable for ordinary household use. If you want to use a larger product, it is better to know the actual situation beforehand.

2, specific to the details

If the shower column or shower screen is selected, it should be noted whether the handle of the hand shower is not slipped or insulated. If it is used, it is prone to problems such as slipping and burns. Products with acupressure massage nozzles can also be turned depending on the selection. Adjustment, this can take care of the needs of different height users.

3, some places will take into account the decoration

Friends who are more interested in shower screens should be considered before they can be renovated. Because most shower screens have showerheads with three different functions: overhead, hand-held and massage, they require high water pressure (cold water > 2 Pa, hot water > 1.5 Pa). If the water heater is used at home, the phenomenon of heating may occur, so boost the pump pressure in advance. There are also some products with lighting, electronic control functions, but also need to connect 220 volts AC, which is in need of pre-set before the renovation.

The premium brand showers will hold every detail in place. All kinds of shower sprinklers, do not pick flowers, or according to their own needs to choose the most suitable product.

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