Five characteristics of new thermal insulation coatings

With the recovery of the world economy and rapid development, especially the rapid development of the aerospace industry, China's high-temperature insulation materials will undergo tremendous changes. Traditional high-temperature insulation materials have been difficult to meet the requirements of the industry. Now, as a representative of high-tech insulation materials, high-temperature insulation coatings, his technical and application indicators will affect the energy conservation and upgrading of a series of related industries. This requires insulation coatings to have the following characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance, using inorganic nano-ceramic microbeads and Zhisheng Weihua special high-temperature solution, the temperature can reach 1800 °C for a long time.

2. The thermal conductivity is low. The thermal conductivity of Zhisheng brand high temperature thermal insulation coating is only 0.03W/mK, which can effectively suppress various conduction heat and radiant heat. The heat insulation inhibition efficiency can reach about 90%, which can suppress high temperature objects. The heat radiation and heat conduction of the low-temperature object are lost, and the heat of the object can be kept at 70%. ZS-1 high temperature thermal insulation coating is coated with 8mm thick on the surface of the object at 1100 °C, and the surface temperature of the object can be reduced from 1100 °C to 100 °C.

3, inorganic water-based environmentally friendly coatings, 100% of raw materials are refined by inorganic materials, water-based coatings, no gas generated at normal temperature and high temperature, without any harmful gas volatilization.

4, insulation and pressure is good, ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating in the ceramic microbeads and static air package insulation level can reach one level, the coating hardness can reach 6H, the pressure strength can withstand more than 80 MPa.

5, the paint flame retardant high level, due to ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating high temperature resistance, the use of inorganic materials, no flash point flash point, no harmful gas generated, can be used on the inner wall of the furnace, refractory barbecue, fire The level reaches level A.

It is expected that in the next ten years, high temperature resistant thermal insulation coatings will be widely used in industrial, military and civil fields. With the in-depth research and development of coating technology and further understanding of the performance of various aspects of coatings, high temperature insulation The coating will definitely have a better meaning of use.

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