Four methods for storing insulation materials

In recent years, construction fire incidents caused by building energy-saving insulation materials have continued, which makes the safety of insulation materials a hot topic. The main reason for the fire caused by the insulation material is that the insulation material itself is a flammable material and there is no reasonable storage and supervision conditions at the construction site.
1. Prohibition of fire

Regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, any fire should be banned wherever building materials are placed. No flammable or explosive dangerous goods should be placed around it.

At the construction site, it is necessary to prohibit the construction of insulation materials from electrical welding, grinding wheel cutting, etc., in the construction of electric welding, grinding wheel cutting, etc., fireproof materials should be used to completely separate other materials from the welding tools to prevent sparks from splashing onto the material. Merchants, ignite materials and cause fires.

Second, control the amount of storage

Some people think that putting all the building materials on the construction site will facilitate the use of materials and save time. However, too much insulation material should not be stored at the construction site.

In fact, due to the limited site on the construction site, in addition to the building materials, there are construction workers and construction tools in a certain area. Once the site materials are piled up too much, the on-site use area will be insufficient, and the scope of personnel activities will be reduced. Without any help, it will affect the construction progress and quality. Generally, no more than three days of material usage should be placed.

Third, prohibit heavy pressure

Most of the thermal insulation materials are relatively fragile materials such as glass wool, foamed cement, and extruded board. If they are broken, they will not be repaired.

After these materials are stacked on site, do not place heavy objects on top of them to avoid damaging or breaking the insulation. In addition, the height of the material stacking is also limited. If the height is too high, the weight will increase, the material of the bottom layer is easily damaged, and it is easy to tilt down, posing a threat to personnel safety.

Fourth, keep ventilation

In the indoor construction environment, we must pay attention to ventilation and ventilation. In this way, the turbid air and toxic substances in the room can be discharged to ensure the convection of the air in the room, and the fine floating objects such as dust and particles can be prevented from accumulating in the room to a certain extent, causing an explosion, which threatens the safety of the construction personnel.

Outdoor outdoor working environment should be kept away from fire sources. Do not place the material at the downwind of the fire source, and surround it with fireproof materials. Stop work in windy weather and take protective measures.
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