"Hard and soft" to identify imported furniture

After the uproarious Da Vinci incident, the imported furniture industry generally encountered a "trust crisis" from consumers. In the face of expensive "foreign furniture", how to determine that it is the imported goods propaganda? According to industry insiders, consumers can distinguish the authenticity of imported furniture by looking at the bills and carefully observing the soft and hard means such as experience products.

Da Vinci's "crying" affects the nerves of the entire imported furniture industry, and also makes consumers suspicious of the word "import".

On the afternoon of July 30th, the reporter saw at COFCO Plaza that the once-traffic high-end imported brand showroom was very deserted, and some merchants even admitted that this was the most bleak time for COFCO Plaza in more than a decade. Zhou Yufeng, general manager of Roachburg China, revealed that "the sales volume in the first half of July was more than 80% lower than the same period in the previous six years. It has never been in history".

Wang Lanyu, general manager of Super Comfort International Home Furnishing, said consumers have to get out of a misunderstanding that imported brands must be of high quality and high price. In fact, "import" is just a commercial procedure and does not reflect the true quality and price of the product.

Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwaicheng, said that since the Da Vinci incident, the store has conducted a self-examination of imported brands. In addition to requesting customs declarations, it also needs to increase account management, such as how many goods a merchant has received How many sets are actually sold must also be included in the monitoring system, "avoid some brands selling domestic products as imported products."

Li Wanli, president of China Furniture France, said that consumers have concerns about imported furniture in the short term, which has caused a bleak situation for the entire industry. It is not easy to predict how long this negative impact will last. But this incident also sounded a wake-up call for companies engaged in agency and sales of imported furniture. In the long run, it will help promote the healthy development of the imported furniture industry.

â–  Identify hard indicators

Certificate of origin, packing list, customs declaration form mutual certification

Each batch of imported furniture goods has a complete set of "ID card", namely the certificate of origin, packing list and customs declaration form.

The certificate of origin will indicate the origin, article number, number of pieces, and total volume of a batch of imported furniture. Before the furniture is shipped, the brand will issue a certificate of origin at the request of consumers. Once the product is shipped from the place of origin, the relevant authorities in the country of origin will no longer issue a corresponding certificate.

The customs declaration form of our country's customs can also prove that the furniture has passed the import inspection. At the same time, consumers can also understand the packing list of the furniture they bought, which is provided by the manufacturer of origin and can correspond to the certificate of origin.

Li Wanli, president of the French home furniture China, said that taking French imported furniture as an example, each batch of goods will be provided with a certificate of origin issued by the local provincial and municipal level government industry and commerce association, which has Arabic, French, Chinese and other fonts. The content includes the country of origin, consignor, consignee, number of pieces, total volume, total weight and other information. The packing list is also clearly marked with the product name, serial number, weight, volume, and number of pieces. The declaration form also indicates the origin and the number of pieces. The information on the three types of documents corresponds to each other.

People in the industry pointed out that the government of the country of origin must verify the existence of the enterprise and the authenticity of the export products before stamping the certificate of origin. Domestic copycat products do not have this set of certificates, nor are they filed with the customs. Even the products that pass through the "one-day tour" of the bonded area lack the certificate of origin, and the origin on the customs declaration form is also marked with the word "China" and cannot be faked.

Product label assisted judgment

The labels attached to some imported household products also have information that can assist consumers in making judgments. Mai Yimin, manager of the marketing department of Shanghai Intite Bedding Company, said that taking the American Aireloom mattress sold by its agent as an example, a label that conforms to the regulations of the United States commodity was sewn on the back of each mattress, and the manufacturer's address and production batch number were clearly printed , Basic description of raw materials, contact information and other information, these information can also be mutually confirmed with the certificate of origin, customs declaration, etc.

â–  Identification of soft indicators

1 Look at the quality from the details

When choosing imported furniture, you can take a look at places that are often overlooked, such as the back, bottom, and inside of drawers. The materials and treatment of these details can reflect the quality of a piece of furniture.

2 Whether craftsmanship and style are exquisite

Imported brand furniture products are usually designed by internationally renowned designers, and their production techniques and product styles often exude a strong "foreign" flavor. Of course, this identification method is only suitable for consumers with rich experience and common sense.

3 Comprehensive evaluation of website and outer packaging labeling

By searching and logging in the website of imported brands, you can verify whether the product series and models described on the Internet are consistent with the products sold in China. You can consult some friends who have bought before to understand the brand's reputation and reputation. Or check the foreign product label on the outer packaging of the product, as well as the importation marks such as inspection seal, Chinese and English instructions, etc. for comprehensive evaluation during delivery.

â–  Tips

Customs does not provide verification services for customs declarations

Many imported furniture merchants have stated that if consumers have doubts about their customs declaration form, they can record their bill number and contact the customs for verification. In response, the reporter called the Beijing Customs to report the phone. The staff said that the customs will not provide services for querying the customs declaration form for consumers. It must be verified by the import and export enterprises with the customs declaration card. From this point of view, the "warm advice" given to consumers by consumers does not actually work.

Check to find Beijing wood furniture quality inspection station

Questioning consumers, some imported furniture brands require consumers to provide quality inspection reports. Consumers can contact the Beijing Wood Furniture Quality Inspection Station for testing and provide reports.

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