How to choose solid wood furniture?

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Ms. Dong originally planned to buy a set of mahogany furniture, but it was too expensive, so I plan to retreat to the next level and buy solid wood furniture. I don't know which solid wood furniture is better. What are the precautions when choosing solid wood furniture?

Zhou Yunjing, sales manager of Federal Home South China Company: In addition to mahogany, I personally think that African teak, European beech, and northeast walnut eucalyptus are the relatively good solid wood furniture materials on the market. Because these woods have high relative hardness and good stability.

When purchasing solid wood furniture, first open the cabinet door and drawer. The good solid wood furniture is dry wood, the texture is clear, the texture is tight, and there is no irritating smell. There are no large knots or cracks or cracks in the parts of the furniture. In addition to looking at the appearance, you should also check the sliding and positioning of the drawers, open all the doors and drawers and components to see if they are properly installed and used. Second, the news. Most solid woods have woody notes, such as pine rosin and camphor wood, but fiberboard and MDF have a strong pungent odor. Again, touch it by hand. Whether the surface frosting is thorough, whether the polished surface is smooth, whether there are protrusions, footrests, etc. that will break the clothing, whether the paint is too thick or not.

In addition, you can also tap the door panel, back panel and other parts of the cabinet furniture with your fingers, and carefully discern whether the furniture connection is firm and the material is strong. In addition, it is necessary to lightly press the various points of the furniture, such as the column corner, drawer or shelf support, etc., to test whether it is stable. Press hard on the furniture, the surface can not have the feeling of falseness, the panel flutters.

In addition, as an important component of solid wood furniture, hardware accessories are also very important. The commonly mentioned hardware accessories mainly include door hinges and slide rails. There are two indicators for measuring the quality of hinges. One is structural strength and the other is surface corrosion resistance. The slide rails are usually divided into three types. The quality of the common bottom type is the worst; the metal side plate type is slightly better; the luxury all-inclusive type has the best quality, but the price is also the highest. [Follow the WeChat public number "Jiuzheng Furniture Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng Furniture Network Exchange Group]

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