How to solve the manual pump without oil

【Pump News Asia】 Manual pump with light body, suction pumping oil easily, easy to install and durable features, is now more widely used as an oil pump. Manual pump structure is relatively simple, but also more prone to glitches, the most common failure is the manual pump does not oil, the following Xiaobian to share with you how to solve the manual pump does not oil. How to solve the manual pump does not oil generally only need to open the pump pressure on the side of the oil connector can be identified, the reason may be caused by one or more of the following circumstances: lack of fuel in the tank; into the oil pipeline Or the oil filter is blocked; the air enters the oil suction pipe and can be detected from the abnormal noise; the rotation direction of the pump shaft is wrong, the wiring of the three-phase motor may be dislocated due to the negligence of repair; the oil pump shaft speed is too low, Phase motor connected to single-phase or loose connection caused; mechanical failure. This usually occurs with pump noise. General mechanical problems include bearing wear, shaft breakage, rotor damage, piston or blade breakage, and the like. When the oil pump oil nozzle is not oil or oil is small, it may be out of the nozzle into the gas nozzle does not lead to oil, oil tank can be rotated to the oil pan nozzle opposite, that stopped the motor, then No oil Tsui Unscrew, remove the spring and a small plunger rod, with the index finger from the tank to take oil, the screw down the oil hole, the oil will be forced into the plunger hole to the air can be discharged, And so on, repeat the operation 5-6 times, the air can be discharged from the plunger suction hole. And then remove the spring and the small plunger rod reinstall, tighten the oil Tsui, start the motor, check if the normal out of oil, that is, troubleshooting. Further reading: China's top ten brands Motor Show ptc exhibition building water pump valves water pipe fittings Exhibition Fair article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asia Pump Network Editor: gogoing (QQ / WeChat: 181817456) Starting: (Service Hotline: 400-6030-811)