Industry e-commerce website development trends highlight the benefits of segmentation

Analysts pointed out that in the year 2008 where business opportunities continue to flash, the industry e-commerce websites will present the following four major development trends: the development of in-depth and subdivided directions; the payment and logistics systems tend to be perfect; the trend of service extension; industry websites The future will continue to develop at a rapid pace.

Recently, the author learned from China's China B2B Research Center that China’s industry e-commerce websites currently exceed 6,000. Analysts pointed out that in the year 2008 where business opportunities continue to flash, the industry network will present the following four development trends: the development of in-depth and subdivided directions; the payment and logistics systems tend to be perfect; the trend of service extension will continue; Will develop at high speed.

Segmentation debate has no meaning

For a long time, whether e-commerce should be deepened and subdivided has always been the focus of debate in the industry. Even some experts believe that the subdivision of e-commerce is just a “stunt” that attracts investors to stop. Many people only pay attention to the improvement of service quality but ignore the shrinking of market size.

A questionnaire survey on traditional SMEs showed that 81.43% of companies believe that the main purpose of setting up an industry e-commerce website is to increase sales and promote products, while 31.43% and 21.43% respectively believe that industry websites can help companies establish a brand image. , complete the successful transformation of the company. This shows that professionalism and deep mining have become the major demand for SMEs for the industry network.

Many small and medium-sized SMEs that have experienced the Internet bubble have realized that in the face of the massive information flow in the information age, the industry e-commerce websites transformed from the information layer to the transaction level have ended traditional marketing models and upgraded their marketing strategies.

For small and medium-sized enterprises with a total of more than 30 million in the country, the specialized subdivision industry e-commerce website developed in depth is undoubtedly the best choice for its own development.

Service becomes the focus of the future

According to the latest statistics, in 2007, China’s B2B e-commerce market operators’ revenue volume reached 3.9 billion yuan, an increase of 49.1% year-on-year. Although the overall revenue scale was negatively affected by China’s import and export fluctuations and the global economy, B2B Electronics was in its infancy. Business revenue still maintained a strong growth momentum. The report anticipates that with the advancement of the application of e-commerce processes by SMEs and the increasing emphasis placed on the development of e-commerce by the state, the revenue scale of B2B e-commerce will continue to grow rapidly. In 2011, the overall revenue is expected to reach 13.8 billion yuan.

According to industry insiders, at present, China's B2B market has entered a new stage of development, and creating a good environment for development is the priority of speeding up the development of e-commerce. Its development environment mainly includes safety certification, software services, and construction of credit guarantee systems. The addition of these extension services has injected a strong incentive for the development of the industry network, making the development of the industry network into a new era dominated by traditional SMEs.

Researchers at the B2B Research Center in China believe that safety certifications give full play to the potential of e-commerce, such as spatial independence and time independence. The industry network provides a platform for syndication, display, and interaction promotion for traditional SMEs. The development of outsourced services is natural. Integrate product and brand information into e-commerce.

Industry e-commerce website will continue to develop rapidly

With the infiltration of informationization awareness and the popularity of network applications, traditional SMEs have become increasingly sophisticated in their understanding and use of the B2B e-commerce environment. In coastal and developed areas such as Zhejiang and Guangdong, a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform such as Baobao has become an indispensable business tool for many enterprises.

With the wave of informatization, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises realize that the industry network is an effective way to conduct business activities and obtain orders. In 2008, the application of traditional SMEs to industry websites will continue to grow at a rapid rate of 52%.

With the increase of personalized products and increasingly active business transactions, the development of industry websites puts higher demands on payment systems and logistics systems. The e-commerce with the perfect combination of logistics, information flow, capital flow, and business flow is connected with the traditional informationization of small and medium-sized enterprises. Applied bridge.

According to industry analysts, the third-party online payment system is an indispensable part of constructing a complete e-commerce transaction chain, and the logistics system will fully realize the exchange of commodity ownership and become the key to e-commerce development. In addition, the industry e-commerce website, which has increasingly improved its payment system and logistics system in the new era, can meet the needs of traders to publish and understand commodity information without leaving home. At the same time, it finally realizes the trading needs of both parties to the transaction, and opens up a new brand of B2B e-commerce. "Blue Ocean" represents the development direction of future industry websites.

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