Innovation? Development? The Eighth Guzhen Light Expo

Innovation? Development? The Eighth Guzhen Light Expo

Eighth China Guzhen Lighting Fair (Light Fair) will be held in Zhongshan October 18 to October 23. At that time, professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world came to negotiate purchases, and there were many authoritative summit forums to attract experts, scholars and industry stakeholders to discuss the development of the Chinese lighting industry. The annual lantern expo meets in the ancient town every year. With a dazzling array of products and various exciting activities, the Light Expo will bring not only a visual feast to the light merchants, but also the vane of the lighting industry. In short, the 8th Ancient Town Light Expo should not be missed.

Xingbang Industry's "Guzhen Lighting" weekly magazine and (http: //) reported the entire lighting expo and fully broadcast the various dynamics of this lighting expo. The Eighth Ancient Town Light Expo

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