July Thunderstorm 7 points to help you drive safely

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First, wipers, headlights to open

Thunderstorm weather is often gloomy, coupled with intensive rain, it is easy to affect the line of sight, the first time to open fog lights and wipers, can improve the line of sight, reduce the incidence of accidents.

Second, to reduce the speed of lightning

If a sudden thunderstorm during driving, fast driving can cause the vehicle to get out of control due to a lightning strike. At this time, the speed should be reduced to reduce the risk.

Third, the sound system to close

When the thunderstorm is too heavy, many car owners on the road may choose to park by the side and close the window to avoid rain. This is excellent. However, when you are sheltering from the rain, do not turn on the sound and make a call because it is boring, because the current generated by lightning may intrude into electrical equipment and cause malfunctions.

Fourth, the parking location must be selected

When stopping a vehicle, avoid areas where lightning strikes are easy near big trees, outdoor billboards, and telephone poles. Parking in a regular large parking lot is the safest way to avoid lightning and thunderstorms (try not to stay in an underground garage).

Fifth, the wading road section skillfully avoid flameout

First, we must decisively detour when we find that the water in the road section exceeds two-thirds of the vehicle's predecessor's body. Do not do anything. When the water is less than 20cm , grasp the steering wheel with both hands to stabilize the throttle and keep the low-speed straight line passing slowly. Stops, turns, and other dangerous moves.

Six, do not enter the tunnel uncertain

For some tunnels that are not sure to enter, the rainy days will rise quickly. It may not be until you get out of the tunnel. The water has flooded you and your car together. In case of flooding, do not open the door. Don't panic. Use a headrest or emergency hammer to strike the glass around and you will be able to escape.

Seven, the speed on the highway should be properly decelerated

If the vehicle is driving on a highway or bridge in a stormy weather, be sure to slow down.

Finally, during thunderstorms, try to avoid outdoor activities. If you have traveled, pay attention to the road slippery during the rainy days and keep the distance from the tunnel.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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