Master bedroom chandelier how to choose the master bedroom chandelier feng shui taboo

The bedroom is a place to rest, so the choice of lamps is also very important, there is a comfortable lamp, you can make people rest easy here. There are a lot of bedroom lamps on the market. The lighting effects of different lamps are different. People who prefer more people like to install chandeliers in the bedroom. Then how do you choose the bedroom chandelier ? See how to choose lamps and master bedroom chandelier feng shui taboo!

Master bedroom chandelier feng shui taboo - bedroom just above the roof of the bed remember to install the chandelier

There is a saying in feng shui that the chandelier on the roof above the bed is the chandelier press. This will be considered "heavy gas." Not good for health. In modern psychology, if a chandeliers are placed on the roof directly above the bed, it will give people psychological cues, increase psychological pressure, affect endocrine, and cause insomnia, nightmares, and respiratory illnesses. .

Suggestion: If the bedroom is equipped with a chandelier, keep the open roof above the bed and use a soft floor lamp or table lamp beside the bed.

How to choose the main bedroom chandelier

You can choose red flowers to decorate the bedside walls to make the entire bedroom feminine, and the rose red bedside chandeliers just echo the backdrop to create a more feminine and tender bedroom feel.

If the bedroom is in a white minimalist style, it can calm people's minds, relax and get a good rest. However, the bedside lights should not be too bright, and the two warm yellow bedside chandeliers are a good choice to decorate the bedroom more warm and full of tenderness.

The design of the bedroom should not be too restrictive. Even if it is a small bedside lamp, it does not need to be in a symmetrical layout. You can hang a chandelier and put a bedside lamp on it.

The nightstands were used as small bookshelves, and their faces were placed on the countertops. The walls of the bedside were decorated with low-key patterns. In the bedroom of this literary young man, you can feel the thick savory taste and two white beds. The head chandelier can accompany you to spend time reading at night.

These are small to give us choose how to master bedroom chandelier, master bedroom chandelier feng shui taboos. The choice of bedroom lamps and lanterns is to choose and design according to the decoration style of the bedroom, but also consider the problem of feng shui. Hope that the above introduction can help you, if you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Chandelier bedroom chandelier

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