My wall, how do I supervise the decoration of the main wall paint?

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With the promotion of customized door-to-door service for major paint brands, many users have chosen to hand over the painting process of wall paint to third parties, and there is a lot of greasy and moisture in the middle, then the problem comes: we How to supervise the work to ensure the quality of the painting on the wall?

Check accessories and primer models

Users like the glue used to reinforce the bottom surface and various wall decoration accessories are not familiar enough. It is most likely to use inferior materials and steal dragons and phoenix during construction:

1. Wall sealant is disabled 107 glue - 107 glue as a decorative material for the bottom of the decoration has been banned in the country in recent years, its formaldehyde is too unhealthy, users should pay attention to prevent the construction team for the convenience of stealing.

2. The new interface agent pays attention to environmental protection - it is best to avoid using glue. There are many interface agents for wall coating on the market to reduce pollution. Users can purchase environmentally friendly interface agents and avoid using construction personnel. With glue.

Putty should be light and dry

After the shovel wall leveling and reinforced the ground, it is necessary to scrape the putty powder. The putty is flat and dry. The final flatness of the wall paint will be cracked, etc. This kind of concealed work is more troublesome. It is recommended that the user still To supervise the work yourself:

1. To prevent the construction workers from shaving a layer of putty for the sake of saving money - thick putty is difficult to dry, the thinner the putty is as good as possible (dry fast), 0.5-1mm is appropriate.

2. Emphasis on natural air drying and dry-drying - Many construction teams begin to paint the next step in order to prevent the speed of the putty from drying out. After the putty is finished, it must be air-dried and ensured to dry out.

3. Make sure the putty is scraped at least twice - if the construction worker tells you that it is not credible once in place, the putty should be at least two times, three times better, and the two times of scraping time is kept for more than two hours.

Supervising the proportion of latex paint to water

After finishing the greasy and good anti-alkali primer, some users will choose the latex paint, and the latex paint will be diluted with water during construction. The proportion of water selected by the construction personnel is also very serious:

1. The water is more prone to cracking - the thinner the latex paint is, the easier it is to construct. Many construction teams add a lot of water to the latex paint in order to increase the construction speed. However, after completion, the wall surface is prone to cracking and flowering.

2. The ratio of water to water is generally 20% - 20% of the proportion of water is more appropriate, excessive dilution can brush a lot of area, but the quality problem is worrying, the proportion is not wasted, the user is also a waste of paint, the problem of user repair is also troublesome.

3. Stir well after watering - the latex paint must be fully stirred after the water is mixed. It is recommended to use a special blender to provide more technical support.

1. Confirm that the water-based paint is used - water-soluble paint is the general trend of the paint market, environmentally friendly and colorless and odorless, and no precipitated agglomerate is the best.

2. Inspection of coating certificate - National Environmental Protection Standard; Green 10 Environmental Protection Type II Mark; Latex Paint Product Qualification Test Report; Third Party Organization's Anti-Formaldehyde Report (Report must have CMA Test Mark), etc. Have one or two of the above certificates.

3. Avoid the superposition of environmentally-friendly building materials - even if the coating is environmentally friendly, the floor is environmentally friendly, and the furniture is environmentally friendly. It is necessary to pay due attention to controlling the quantity of these decorative building materials. Green building materials are not equal to zero formaldehyde, and it is possible that formaldehyde is excessively superimposed.

How to decide the construction method?

There are many kinds of construction methods for wall painting projects. At present, the three main types of mainstream painting include roller coating, spraying and airless spraying. According to different needs, users can ask the construction team to adopt different construction methods:

1. Brushing the least amount of paint - the brush is the most material, but it takes a lot of time, slow work, and manual brushing, you must start from a point, start in order.

2. Spray drying time is faster - it is better to use the spray gun method in wet days, high efficiency, fast spraying speed, and the drying speed of the paint film is also faster. Pay attention to prevent dust from falling into the paint during operation, and avoid film granulation. .

3. Airless spray is delicate but the loss is large - the most popular way in China is to use high pressure airless spray process, the surface effect is fine, the quality is excellent and the coating coverage is relatively high, but the loss material is large.

PChouse editorial comment: Wall decoration works are all large-scale, it has a very high requirements for grassroots engineering and detail operations, so it is recommended to choose a large brand of door painting service or professional construction team will be more secure.

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