Nine points of prevention of summer safety production in chemical enterprises

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High temperatures, heavy rains and thunderstorms in summer bring many challenges to the safety production of the chemical industry. Xiao Bian compiled the prevention focus of nine aspects, hoping to help some security people who meet the summer test.
Fire prevention

1. The summer is hot and the temperature is high. In the chemical production area, there are many flammable, explosive and volatile raw materials. For example, ethanol, dichloroethane and the like have low boiling points and are all volatile substances. It evaporates faster in the hot summer months, and it is easy to reach its ignition point and explosion limit in places with high concentrations.

2, summer is either thunderstorm, or hot and dry, when the air is dry, the more attention should be paid to the importance of fire prevention. In view of the characteristics of summer chemical production and the nature of the raw materials used, we must first pay attention to fire prevention. It is necessary to conscientiously abide by the relevant regulations; the operators of each position should carefully operate and strictly eliminate the occurrence of the "three violations" phenomenon; the inspection personnel on duty should carefully check and find that the fire disaster or violation of rules and regulations should be seriously dealt with.

Many raw materials in chemical companies are toxic or corrosive. Inadvertent contact or inhalation of toxic substances or gases volatilized by these substances can cause poisoning or damage to the body to varying degrees, causing burns and even coma or death. Especially in the summer, the weather is hot, the employees wear thinner, and they are more likely to sweat when they are working. The weather is hot, toxic and harmful substances are extremely volatile, and the toxic gases that are volatilized infiltrate into the body through human pores, causing poisoning. Therefore, it is especially important to understand the nature of the materials in contact and the corresponding preventive measures. Once these toxic and harmful substances are splashed on the body, immediately rinse them off with clean water and replace the clean clothes. Some people observe and supervise them. If they are serious, they will go to the hospital for treatment. .

So how do we prevent it during the summer?
1. To prevent poisoning during maintenance work: When repairing other equipments and equipment related to toxic and hazardous materials, etc., maintenance workers must wear all safety protection measures such as respirator, protective gloves and protective glasses (kettle, tank, pool). The operation should be strictly required, and the internal toxic and harmful gas analysis should be carefully replaced and all toxic and harmful substances should be avoided.
2. The operators of each position are carefully operated, and the on-duty personnel and the length of the work section strengthen the inspection. It is strictly forbidden to prevent poisoning due to splashing of materials or direct flow to the operator (chemical burns caused by corrosive materials). Pay special attention to the sequence of operations. Key positions should be operated by one person and supervised by one person to avoid accidents caused by illegal operations. Once leaked or lost, emergency measures should be taken immediately under the conditions of proper safety precautions to prevent accidents from expanding and to immediately clean up materials and sites to prevent personnel poisoning.
3. When loading and unloading materials, the joints must be firmly tightened. After checking the normality of the inlet and outlet valves, the pump will be turned on. The strict sequence reverses and the local pressure causes the material to splash and cause poisoning and other accidents.
4. All relevant departments should strengthen inspections to prevent all running, rushing, dripping and leaking. In particular, strengthen the inspection and prevention of weak links in equipment and facilities. For example: inspection of tank level and venting in each tank area to prevent personnel poisoning due to leakage accidents.
Leak prevention

In the summer production, once the raw material leaks, it not only causes environmental accidents and material loss, but also is most likely to cause personnel poisoning, especially the leaked materials are directly splashed on the operator (even in the mouth), which is more dangerous ( Once these toxic and harmful substances are splashed on the body, immediately rinse them off with clean water and replace the clean clothes, and observe and supervise them. If they are serious, they should go to the hospital for treatment.) To prevent leakage, you should do the following:

1. Careful operation: material removal valve and pipe disassembly or connection, etc. must pay attention to whether the closing is closed, whether the opening is open. Prevent material leakage from being caused by external or partial pressure and causing leakage.
2, some glass mirrors, venting valves (mouth), liquid level gauges and switch valves must have protective measures to prevent collisions, open faults or damage caused by leakage accidents.
3. The liquid level of each storage tank is strictly controlled below the standard (warning) line, and strictly super-line storage to prevent flashing. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check and verify the accuracy of each tank level gauge to avoid false liquid level or illusion resulting in flash.

In the hot summer, there are some jobs with relatively large labor, which may lead to the phenomenon of the Central Office. Therefore, summer production must pay attention to the prevention of the occurrence of the Central Department:

1. Positions with a large workload must pay attention to rest. First, you should rest well when you are not working. Second, you should pay more attention to rest when you feel unwell, especially when you are in a hurry.
2, because the work volume is relatively large, sweating more work, in order to prevent the collapse, you should drink more water, especially drink heatstroke and cool food. At the same time, in the middle of the rest, go to the shade.
3. The amount of work arranged should not be too large, help each other, and accomplish together. Once you find that there is a phenomenon of employee involvement, you should immediately take rescue measures, and you should use the anti-drug drugs to prevent accidents. At the same time, regular heatstroke prevention drugs (such as: Man Dan and Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills).
4, when feeling unwell: dizziness, fatigue, or vomiting, etc., immediately stop working, and immediately take emergency measures.
Anti-over temperature

The weather is hot and the temperature is high. Some exothermic reaction processes are more difficult to cool down, difficult to control temperature, and are prone to over-temperature phenomena. Safety accidents are prone to occur when conditions are not strictly controlled. At the same time, due to the careless operation, it is easy to cause over-temperature and over-pressure, which eventually leads to an accident.

1. The operators of each position must strictly operate according to the “six strict” operation of the operator, strictly control, and prohibit over-temperature operation. Once cooling or difficult to control, take emergency measures such as cooling, decrement or direct parking.
2. The temperature control of material storage and post material transportation must also be within the standard range.
3, loading and unloading materials must also pay attention to the temperature situation, especially in the case of high temperature, direct sunlight, loading and unloading and should stand on the upper air outlet to prevent personnel poisoning or danger.
Explosion prevention

Many raw materials used in chemical enterprises are characterized by inflammable, explosive and toxic, and the reaction is complicated. In addition to the basic prevention of anti-poisoning, anti-over-temperature and anti-leakage, the most important one is to prevent explosions. This is the most dangerous and will occur with the most dangerous processes such as fire, leaks, poisoning and environmental pollution. Therefore, explosion prevention is the most critical safety precaution.

1. Strengthen the supervision, management and monitoring of safety valves, explosion-proof membranes and distillation systems. Regular inspection, inspection or replacement, always in good working condition, should be managed as a special safety guard point.
2. Careful operation, it is strictly forbidden to violate the operating rules and prohibit the over-limit operation, so as to avoid leakage, pressure, over-temperature and over-pressure, static electricity or improper replacement due to inadvertent operation and incomplete inspection, etc., which can cause serious explosion accidents. , causing great losses to casualties and company property.
3. Strengthen the management of fire sources, strictly prohibit the fire source from being brought into the production area, strictly prohibit the elimination of illegal fire work and prevent the explosion of inflammable and explosive materials.
4. It is strictly forbidden to mix two kinds of items that are easy to react and generate heat to generate combustion or explosion. Therefore, once warehouses and workshops need to strengthen management in this area, it is strictly forbidden to store items in warehouses that should not or cannot be mixed.

The weather is hot, the temperature in the distribution room is relatively high, and the factors affecting production, such as damage, aging, and malfunction of electrical appliances, increase. The electrician must strictly guard against, protect, and supervise during the inspection and inspection, and must not have any paralysis. Fortunately.

1. During the duty period, the electrician on duty must wear the necessary labor protection articles as required. At the same time, it is necessary to wear anti-insulating shoes. Wear insulated gloves during maintenance. The key maintenance parts should be supervised by one person for maintenance. Always take protective measures and preventive measures.
2, before the electrical instrument maintenance and operation equipment maintenance work must first power off, hang the "working, no closure" eye-catching sign, under the conditions of the relevant personnel to monitor the operation. It is strictly forbidden to operate in violation of regulations and violation of regulations because of rushing time and rushing progress, resulting in accidents.
3. The operating personnel of various departments (production posts) are not in charge of electrical appliances, instruments, buttons and other live electrical facilities. They should report to the superiors immediately after the failure of their own management, and notify the professional maintenance personnel of the electrical instrument process to overhaul. Violations such as disassembly and overhaul occur.
4. The electrical instrument maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures and specifications of the maintenance work. It is strictly forbidden to cut off the road, replace the formal and standard accessories with non-standard, unsuitable parts to make or find the electrical instruments with over-temperature, over-limit and over-time work.
5. Strengthen the on-duty inspection, be comprehensive, meticulous and standardized during the shift, and make a record of the handover. Especially in the event of bad weather or thunderstorms, we must strengthen our efforts! We will carefully check, emphasize and arrange the rainproof and lightning protection facilities of electrical meters in each workshop to prevent impact on production or electric shock.
Anti-burn (hot, bump, fall, squeeze, pressure, crush) injury

These seem to be some minor injuries, no big deal. However, if you do not pay attention to your work, it will happen frequently. Especially in the summer, the weather is hot, we are wearing a thinner, slightly inattentive damage will be more serious than usual. Therefore, it has to be prevented in the summer.

1. Prevent intermediate materials and heating media (such as heat transfer oil, steam, steam condensate or 80 ° C hot water and higher temperature intermediate materials) from splashing, flowing or dripping on the body, which will not only cause burns, It can also cause poisoning. (It is strictly forbidden to run, take, drip, leak and connect steam or material pipelines when they are running, and tie them tightly to prevent falling off).
2. During the production process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the working equipment and facilities with the body, bare hands, tools or feet. Operation and maintenance personnel should stay away from these equipment and facilities. Female workers who operate the equipment should wrap their hair in case the hair is in contact with the running device. Accidents such as bumps, crushing, crushing or crushing are likely to occur if the requirements and precautions are not strictly enforced.
3. The maintenance personnel of the maintenance operation equipment and facilities must first turn off the power, and after the indicator button of the equipment is hung on the "working, no closing" sign, then the triangle belt, belt, etc. will be removed, then Carry out maintenance work, and in special cases, there must be guardians (for example, the operation in the kettle is not only the replacement test, but also the monitoring). At the same time, it must be combined with the on-duty staff on duty to prevent accidents from happening without knowing.
4. It is strictly forbidden for employees to violate accidents or violate labor discipline, violate safety procedures and other "three violations" and accidents such as bumps and falls.
5. Safety helmets must be worn for inspection and work in the production area. For ascending operations, you must apply for a boarding pass and wear a seat belt.

Since many common chemical products such as ethanol and dichloroethane are low-boiling and volatile substances, due to the strong volatility and thunderstorms in summer, it is especially necessary to prevent accidents such as fires and explosions caused by static electricity. important.

(Source: Binzhou Safety Supervision Office)

[Editor: Chen Guofang]

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