Over one hundred enterprise representatives participate in special equipment safety training

Since May 1, the "Changsha City Elevator Safety Management Regulations" was formally implemented. On April 30th, the Changsha High-tech Zone held a special equipment safety working conference to review and summarize the safety of special equipments last year, to deploy the key points of this year's work, and to popularize and interpret the relevant laws and regulations for the representatives of more than 100 participating enterprises. Deputy Director of High-tech Zone Management Committee Mo Yiping and Deputy Director of Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Yan Liang'an attended.

“With the increase in safety awareness of special equipment and the continuous improvement of safeguard measures, no special equipment accidents occurred in the high-tech zone last year.” The person in charge of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the High-tech Zone introduced that elevators are special equipment that is in close contact with the daily lives of the people. The number of complaints was high. Last year, the Quality Supervision Sub-bureau of the High-tech Zone timely handled 44 complaints about elevator safety. This year, the Quality Supervision Sub-bureau of the High-tech Zone will strengthen the supervision of special equipments from aspects of installation and maintenance, use, supervision and technical information, implement the main responsibility for the safety of special equipment, and continuously improve the safety protection capabilities of special equipment.

Mo Yiping requested that special equipment safety supervision and use units should always adhere to the safety production policy of “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management”, earnestly implement the main corporate responsibility, strengthen the training of operators, and strengthen supervision and management of key links. Protecting people's lives and property as the highest responsibility, consciously sticking to the safety red line, and ensuring the safe operation of special equipment.

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