Points to note when installing hydraulic components in hydraulic systems

1. Before the hydraulic components are installed, they should be cleaned with kerosene. The important components should be sealed and pressure tested. The test pressure can be twice the working pressure or 1.5 times the highest working pressure. When the test is carried out, do not raise it to the test pressure at once, and check it once per liter;

2. The directional control valve should ensure that the axis is installed in a horizontal position;

3. When installing the plate components, check whether the sealing ring at the inlet and outlet ports meets the requirements. Before installation, the sealing ring should protrude from the installation plane to ensure a certain amount of compression after installation to prevent leakage;

4. When the plate component is installed, the tightening force of the fixing screw should be uniform, so that the mounting plane of the component can be in good contact with the plane of the component bottom plate.

Simple perimeter alarms and barbed wire are no longer enough to protect critical infrastructure from unwanted access, vandalism and theft. Interior monitoring is becoming more important in providing a complete security system in mining environments.
The camera feed is relayed to a remote monitoring station via the switches and wireless radio equipment. The switches are also being used in conjunction with slightly larger and more powerful surveillance cameras at an electrical substation near the mine. This video feed is also relayed to the remote monitoring station. Security personnel can monitor both feeds simultaneously for a complete surveillance of the mine.

Mine Video Surveillance System

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