Prevention and treatment of leek virus disease

Amaranth is also known as wild leeks, red peony, and wild geese. It was originally a kind of wild vegetables, and some areas called leeks "longevity dishes." Amaranth is still the protagonist on the weight loss table. Regular food can lose weight and light body, promote detoxification and prevent constipation. Amaranth virus disease is caused by a single or combined infection of two viruses, amaranth virus (GV) and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). It occurs all over the country and is the main disease of amaranth. It is necessary to timely carry out pesticide control.
First, a concise diagnosis of systemic infection, the most obvious symptoms on the leaves.
At the onset of the disease, the diseased plants were significantly shorter than the healthy plants. The mild symptoms of the disease are mild flowering of the plant, and the leaf color is uneven and mottled. The severe symptoms of the disease are that the leaves of the diseased plant are characterized by no flattening of the leaves, shrinkage or curling or some necrotic spots.
Second, the occurrence of regular pathogenic toxic sources has more wintering hosts, which is conducive to the spread of poisonous insects in the spring. Field spread is mainly spread by locusts, and can also be spread by means of contact with friction and farming operations.
According to the China Pesticide Network , the virus is warm and dry, and the suitable temperature range is 15~25°C; the most suitable environment temperature is 20~30°C, relative humidity is 60%, and the disease manifestation period is adult stage. The incubation period is 8 to 15 days.
The main onset of leek virus disease is between April and October. The spring warming temperature is high and the rain is heavy, and the years when the poisonous insects occur are heavy; the fields with continuous crop fields and surrounding toxic source crops are relatively early onset. Cultivation and management of the field of pests and diseases that are not timely, lack of fertilizer and water, and rough management of the field.
Third, prevention and control measures 1, selection of land selection: choose a good ventilation, away from the radish, cucumber plots, clean the field in time, eradicate the field weeds, completely remove the previous crops, spray disinfectant plus new high-fat film 800 times The liquid is disinfected by the soil, and the disease-resistant varieties are selected. The seed is mixed with a new high-fat film before planting to repel the underground pests, isolate the virus infection, and increase the seed germination rate.
2, clean the pastoral: found that the diseased plant was immediately removed, timely clean up the weeds in the field, reduce the source of virus rice.
3. Timely prevention and control of drug transmission media: In the early stage of aphids, whitefly, and thrips, timely use of drugs to prevent and spread the virus.
4. Strengthen field management: timely sowing, reasonable fertilizer, and strong seedlings. In the operation of farming, the hands and tools that have been exposed to the diseased plants are washed with soapy water to prevent contact with infection. Apply sufficient organic fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and enhance the host disease resistance. In the case of spring drought or autumn drought, watering should be done more to reduce the incidence rate; and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be added in time to enhance the disease resistance of the plants. At the same time, the strong stems and stems of the plants can be sprayed at the appropriate stage of the growth of the leek to make the stems of the plants thick and the leaves thick. Improve the disease resistance of amaranth, reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers, and reduce residual toxicity.
5, chemical control: the field is initially used after the onset of the disease, every 7 to 10 days of medication, continuous spray prevention 2 to 3 times, can reduce infection and enhance plant resistance.
(1) Green control medication: choose 8% fungicide Ningnanmycin water (bacteria gram gram) 300 ~ 1100 times liquid (mu dosage 125 ~ 150 grams) liquid spray.
(2) Conventional prevention and treatment medication: 20% morpholinium, ethyl copper wettable powder (toxin) 300~400 times liquid (mu dosage 250~300 grams); 20% hydrochloric acid morpholinium moisturizing powder (virus A) 500~600 Double liquid (175 ~ 200 grams per mu) spray.
(3) Anti-pollution and consolidation effect: The diseased plants are immediately removed and properly disposed of. The diseased plants are washed and washed with soapy water to prevent liquid juice infection during the operation of the plant, and the targeted pesticides are sprayed according to the requirements of plant protection, and the spraying is applied at the same time. The lipid film 800 times liquid enhances the efficacy, improves the utilization rate of the active ingredients of the medicament, and consolidates the control effect.

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