Qilu Petrochemical refinery high-speed pump switch to the use of domestic machine seal

Recently, Qilu Petrochemical Refinery continuous reforming plant hydrocracking high-speed pump successfully switched to the domestic two mechanical seal, after the transformation of the running in good condition. As the high-speed pump speed up to 19,000 more turn on the mechanical seal of the relatively high requirements of the pump two series of two mechanical seals have been using imported parts. The past two years, due to shortened life expectancy of imported parts, sealing leaks continue to occur, seriously affecting the safe and stable operation of the device, at the same time, parts prices also increased costs. To solve this problem, the factory decided to replace domestic mechanical seal imported mechanical seal. In order to ensure the quality of the transformation, the factory technicians conscientiously plotted the seal size of the machine and carefully checked the pump parameters with the manufacturer. The process was tracked throughout the transformation process to see if the installation was up to standard to ensure a successful pump test after the renovation. It is understood that this transformation not only solved a major security risk within the device, but also for each replacement of the machine can save money nearly 200,000 yuan.