Report on the meteorological security of forest fire rescue in Nanhua Mountain, Ningxia

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Grab the time to save the emergency fire

- Ningxia Nan Shan forest fire rescue meteorological documentary

February 19, 8 pm, fire Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Haiyuan County South Mountain forest fire has been extinguished. After preliminary calculations, the burned area was about 5,000 mu and no casualties occurred. February 18 night, for the participation of South Mountain Rescue fire weather service meteorologists in Ningxia, the monitoring, forecasting and service, this data each night are breath away.

Emergency action: 30 km mountain road only 40 minutes

At 23:07 on February 18, Deputy Director of Meteorological Services, cross-sectoral emergency liaison Ren Yu received a phone Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau forest, "forest Haiyuan South Mountain National Forest Reserve on fire, windy We are rushing to the scene of the fire and hope that the meteorological department will use relevant meteorological data from around the Huashan Mountain for reference."

Fire is an order. The Ningxia Bureau of Meteorology immediately established an emergency leadership team to direct the autonomous region meteorological observatory, the meteorological service center, the research institutes, the Zhongwei City Bureau and the Haiyuan County Bureau to do a good job in providing meteorological security services for forest fires.

At 23 o'clock, Wang Pengxiang, the director of the Ningxia Meteorological Bureau immediately arranged an emergency federation to report information on fire-fighting meteorological services to the regional government and the forest fire prevention headquarters. He directed the relevant leaders of the forestry department of the autonomous region, the forest fire prevention office, and direct fire at the fire site every half hour. The leaders reported the wind speed, direction, temperature, and humidity around the area of ​​Nanhua Mountain, followed the guidance of fire-fighting meteorological services, and arranged for the weather-affecting operation department to be ready to start the fire-extinguishing artificial rainfall (snow) operation service once the precipitation occurred.

23:20, Haiyuan County Bureau of Meteorology emergency squad with observation equipment rushed to the scene of the fire meteorological monitoring security services. At the same time, Zhongwei City Meteorological Bureau sent a team of experts to the scene to guide the development of precision forecasting services.

From receiving orders to arriving at the scene, nearly 30 kilometers of mountain roads, the meteorological department took only a short 40 minutes.

Precise positioning: Telemetry “telescope” measures latitude and longitude

Nanhua Mountain is an important water conservation base in the mid-southern region of Ningxia. It forms a huge chain of ecological barriers from Helan Mountain, Luoshan Mountain and Liupan Mountain from north to south. It plays an important role in solving the drinking water of the surrounding areas and developing agriculture. .

The fire in Nanhuashan affects everyone's heart.

At 23:10 on February 18, busy day of Ningxia Meteorological Research Institute senior engineer Ma Liwen just ready to go home, after learning of the fire, the fire scene is at once precise positioning by satellite remote sensing. The fire point is located on the northern slope of Nanhua Mountain in the areas of Haiyuanshutai , Xi'an Township, and Crow Bay. The latitude and longitude is divided into 105.581 ° and 36.491 °. Maliwen immediately sent relevant information to the leaders of the autonomous region's forest fire prevention headquarters.

23:40, Haiyuan County Bureau of Meteorology emergency squad arrived at the location a kilometer from the scene of the fire, rapid on-site weather monitoring. Haiyuan County Meteorological Bureau Ma Jinfu, who recalls that flame about 2-3 meters high and filled with smoke. The wind power was measured at the site level 7. Because of the large wind force, coupled with the high meteorological grades of the previous grassland and forest fire, the fire spread rapidly, which caused great difficulties in the field.

The weather conditions directly affect the fire changes and the deployment of fire fighting teams. During the following night, the emergency squadron reported to the on-site rescue headquarters every 10 minutes to report data such as temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, and weather forecast of the fire field in the next three hours, and provide decision-making reference for fire rescue command. .

Precise forecasting: grasping wind direction changes and grasping effective time

On the night of the fire, there was no precipitation in the South China Sea. The refined forecast of the wind became the most critical information for the decision-making of the forest fires. Xu Erfeng, vice chairman of the autonomous region and director of the public security department, requested at the scene of the fire to timely grasp the weather changes on the fire site and carry out the fire extinguishing scientifically and reasonably according to the wind direction and wind speed.

Starting from midnight on the 18th , Ningxia Meteorological Observatory made use of an intelligentized and intensive weather forecasting business system to specifically produce fixed-point, hourly wind direction forecasting of wind speeds to guide the Haiyuan County Meteorological Observatory to provide hourly forecast services.

At 1 o'clock in the evening on the 19th , Ningxia Meteorological Observatory forecasted that the wind direction might change on the morning of the 19th . If the fire cannot be controlled and the wind direction changes, it will threaten the artificial forest farm on the south side of the fire area, especially the Nanhua Mountain Nature Reserve not far away. The situation is very critical.

At 2 o'clock in the middle of the night , the district, city, and county meteorological observatory met with two emergency consultations and concluded that the wind direction in the Nanhua Mountain region will change from southwesterly to northwesterly from 8 am to 10 pm on the 19th , and it is proposed that low temperatures can be used in the early hours of the morning. The favorable opportunity for the reduction of wind power is to concentrate its efforts on extinguishing fires and try to extinguish the fire before the wind changes.

Public security, firefighting, armed police and forest firefighting teams involved in fire fighting worked hard to save the fire by setting up water separation belts, shoveling off isolation belts, firing fireproof bombs, and artificially fighting fires. At 8 o'clock in the morning on the 19th , the fire that lasted for one night was extinguished.

The Office of the Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters of the Autonomous Region wrote in the Forest Fire Situation Report: “After a fire broke out, the district, city, and county forest fire protection offices met the meteorological departments of the district, city, and county to obtain the meteorological conditions of the fire site at the first time, which provided effective commanding decisions. Reference."

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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