Samsung high-speed Wi-Fi speed exceeds current standards by 5 times

Samsung high-speed Wi-Fi speed exceeds current standards by 5 times

Today, foreign media reported that Samsung has developed a new Wi-Fi technology. The technology is based on the 60GHz band. It takes about 3 seconds to transmit a 1G film, but the more advanced 5G Wi-Fi is only 5GHz and above. About 125MB of content can be transferred per second.

The person in charge of research and development of the project also stated that they have solved the barriers to the commercialization of new technologies and this technology will be applied to Samsung's future devices. In the case that 5G Wi-Fi is still rarely used, new technologies may be inexorably expensive even if they are used commercially.

However, referring to the domestic wireless route market, the high-speed technology has no much to do with us. After all, the basic network speed is not that high, and the current standard bandwidth is filled with dissatisfaction.

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