Subway station entrance and exit swiping wing gate access

Shenzhen Hongshunmeng Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of three-roll gates, intelligent barrier gates, barrier gates, swing gates, and full-height gates, providing electronic ticket management systems, electronic catering systems, access control card swipe systems, and one-card access control systems. The system of intelligent channel programs, intelligent security management systems, smart access control, attendance, consumption, fee management, and ticketing is for communities, exhibitions, conference halls, canteens, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, subways, stations, docks, schools, prisons, etc. Stations and other places provide civilized and orderly access.

All product shells are made of stainless steel. The internal components of the box are all made of stainless steel or rust-proof and anti-corrosion treatment. They are durable and rust-proof, and have strong anti-destructive power. Smooth operation, no jitter; low noise, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Welcome to inquire!

Speaking of the impression of the Shenzhen Metro, there were times when Xiao Bian returned to Shenzhen from his hometown. The first impression was that Shenzhen was clean and beautiful, because the Shenzhen greenery was doing well, especially vertical greening, and the overpass was covered with plants! All seasons are green! Canna and Du Fu are dazzling! Shenzhen subway entrance design is more modern, light and beautiful!

Subway entrances and exits are extremely crowded traffic stations. Every day, a large number of commuters pass through this entrance to and from the workplace and family. Therefore, the stable and safe operation of the wing gate system is very comfortable and comfortable for the traveler. It is necessary not only to ensure accurate and effective entry of traveler information, but also to ensure a comfortable user experience for the traveler in the environment.

The traveler information system should meet the development goals of specific countries. Under the general conditions, the traveler system's goals are reflected in the following six aspects:

1. Promote travel mode selection based on real-time and accurate traffic conditions.

2. Reduce travel time and delays of individuals traveling in multiple places.

3. Reduce the pressure of travelers to travel in strange places.

4. Reduce the travel time and delay of the entire transportation system.

5. Reduce the total cost of transportation systems through public-private partnerships.

6. Reduce collision risk and reduce casualties.

Smart wing gate, box material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, streamlined structure, there is a professional drainage tank inside the box, suitable for people with large flow of occasions. Wing gates have functions such as counting, attendance, and current limiting, and can be used in conjunction with ticketing systems, e-ticketing systems, scenic area ticketing systems, playground ticketing systems, gym ticketing systems, and theater ticketing systems to implement ticketing, ticket checking, ticket checking, ticket recycling, etc. Management function transport site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport and so on.

Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, smooth operation, long service life; wing door opening speed can be set to meet the requirements of different occasions; with fault self-test and alarm prompts, user-friendly maintenance and use; has a variety of work modes available For choice, two-way card reading or fingerprint flow restriction can be realized. The subway entry and exit system is becoming intelligent, which is undoubtedly more conducive to the entry and exit of large numbers of working people, saving them more valuable time before they go to work, reducing their travel pressure and making travel more convenient!

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