The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite flooring

Solid wood composite flooring is made of staggered and pressed plates of various trees. It is more practical than solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring not only retains the natural wood grain and comfortable touch of solid wood flooring, but also has the stability of the reinforced flooring. Here we specifically understand the price of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring brands, solid wood flooring and so on.

Solid wood floor

Solid wood composite flooring is a type of wood flooring derived from the family of solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring is divided into multi-layer solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring. The surface layer is of high-quality precious wood, which not only retains the beautiful and natural wood grain characteristics of solid wood flooring. And it has greatly saved the resources of high quality precious wood.


The advantages of parquet

1, because the solid wood composite floor is pressed from the multi-layer solid wood floor, so the quality is stable, not easy to damage, both a variety of high-quality properties, such as: anti-corrosion, impact resistance, anti-water high temperature and so on.

2. The paint on the surface of solid wood flooring is well treated, resistant to abrasion, easy to care for, and easy to care for. It is understood that the better solid wood flooring in the market can remain clean and clean as long as it is not waxed within 3 years.

3, solid wood flooring installation method is very simple, do not need to hit the keel, only need to be flat on the ground can be installed, but also according to the need to increase the layers, reducing the safety hazards caused by the installation of the floor

4. The surface of solid wood flooring is made of rare wood in the world. The surface of the floor not only retains the original patterns and colors of the logs, but also uses adhesives with lower formaldehyde emission, which is health and environmental protection.

The disadvantages of parquet

The biggest drawback of parquet is that a large amount of adhesive is used in the production process. The minimum is three layers. The more layers, the greater the amount of adhesive used. The adhesive contains formaldehyde, so you must be clear at the time of purchase whether the adhesive you use to buy wood flooring is low formaldehyde.

Solid wood composite flooring brands are: living home, icon, WorldFriends, North American maple, nature, scholarly door, long-sheng, richer profit, Fulin, Beak and so on.


Solid wood flooring prices

In the price of solid wood flooring, we must not only look at the quality and thickness of the product, but also consider whether their preferences and floor lines are in line with their home improvement style. The price of parquet is very large, generally ranging from tens of dollars to three hundred dollars, but I do not recommend that you buy wood flooring less than one hundred yuan, not only the quality is not guaranteed, but also the time and money spent on decoration .

The prices of solid wood flooring , parquet flooring, and parquet are good for you. For more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website to find more products that you love!

Floor parquet floor purchase decoration style

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