The bathroom is the highlight of the decoration 5 Teach you how to choose a good ware

The bathroom is the highlight of the renovation, sanitary ware is the key product of the bathroom, its purchase and support is particularly important.

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1·When purchasing, it should first have a sense of support. Each component in the kit should be at the same grade level, with some parts having high grades and other grades being low. The result is to spend money, and the overall situation is low. If brand-name high-end tiles are equipped with ordinary hardware and squatting pans, the grades will not increase. Therefore, consumers must be aware of what they want to achieve before purchasing.

2· Determine the toilet drainage method and installation dimensions. Before the purchase, measure the distance from the center of the outlet to the wall surface. The brand toilet is generally 300mm or 400mm two pitch, a good toilet glaze high gloss enamel uniform uniform thickness, easy to dirty, easy to clean. The siphon type is chosen for flushing, which saves water and flushes rapidly. The shape should be selected Siamese all-inclusive type, both beautiful and easy to take care of health.

3. Leading class: Pay attention to the quality of the faucet valve when you purchase the faucet, whether the material and surface treatment of the faucet is good or bad and whether it is water-saving. The general high-quality faucet adopts imported ceramic valve core, and the left and right rotating handfeel is smooth and smooth. Most high-grade faucets are made of brass. The surface coating must be bright, and the surface is breathless or hand pressed, leaving no trace.

4 · basin type: basin shape in line with their own style of decoration, followed by ceramic glaze should pay attention, good glazed surface is not easy to clean the dirty surface, long-term use of bright as new. Good glaze should have no stains, pinholes, and blisters, and the surface should be smooth. The cabinet is made of imported oak and equipped with branded hardware.

5· The service of the product is more important. Sanitary ware products, like air conditioners, are only a semi-finished product. Buying home is a semi-finished product. Only after proper installation can the product's value be properly played. However, many people do not care about the services provided by the products when they purchase sanitary ware. Most of the problems that arise in actual household use are caused by irregular installations. A high quality sanitary ware must provide high quality services. Although many businesses may represent a well-known brand, they do not provide services or simply outsource the installation to Angel Road, so that the performance after installation is difficult to guarantee. When choosing a sanitary ware, we must ask the business whether to provide "free measurement, free shipping, free installation" of professional services to ensure that their own interests are not compromised.

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