The common problems of installing lightning protection equipment in the console monitoring system?

One, no direct lightning protection measures

This situation is more common is the bolt camera, some people believe that the three-in-one signal lightning arrester has been installed, grounding is also done, there should be no problem, but do not know the lightning arrester is a lightning conduction, lightning induction tool, There is no effect on direct lightning. Lightning damage to the electronic information system generally has several means: 1. Mechanical effects, such as a lightning strike on a tree, sometimes knock off the support of a big tree, mainly relying on the mechanical effect of a lightning strike. 2, thermal effects, the instantaneous temperature of the lightning strike point can reach more than 3,000 degrees, so that the metal instant. 3, electromagnetic effect, this is an invisible killer, it has contributed to the instantaneous high current electromagnetic induction equipment burned out. As long as the lightning protection is made by relying on the equipment of the lightning rod, the direction of operation of the lightning is changed so that the lightning is unlikely to hit the monitor directly. There is also a situation in which a lightning rod is installed on a curved ball machine. In this case, the metal rod itself will protect the dome, and there is no need to increase the cost and install the lightning rod.

Second, the problem of grounding cable

In order to save costs, the metal rod is often used as the down conductor of the working grounding system, regardless of "right" or "no". According to the design, the metal rod is used as the direct lightning protection system to guide the off-line. At this time, the work place is connected to the metal rod. If there is direct lightning, there is no voltage difference between the front end of the signal lightning arrester and the rod of the metal rod. That means your Direct lightning will directly hit the signal arrester or the power arrester, which will cause the arrester to age prematurely or be damaged on the spot. Therefore, it is recommended that the downline of work should be singled out.

Three, three-in-one surge protector (or BNC surge protector) choice

According to the specific situation of the market and the installation experience of the time, the BNC signal electrophoretic protector is set for a long time in the range of lightning protection. This is not enough for the protection of the monitor, and it is generated for the monitor. There are also surges, spikes, and burrs that can cause surges, spikes, and burrs to be turned on or off near large-scale power tools, as well as nearby electromagnetic fields. These need more than just pressure-sensitive or Discharge tube protection also requires a logic filter circuit to provide a safer environment for the monitor. As the latter factor was ignored.

Fourth, grounding resistance is too large or no ground "Video Security Monitoring System Engineering Design Specification" and "Building Information System Lightning Protection Technical Specifications" does not clearly provide the grounding resistance of the monitoring system lightning protection. Generally, the grounding resistance of the design monitoring system is designed according to the resistance value of the computer room and the grounding resistance of the information system: the independent grounding is not greater than 4 ohms, and the joint grounding resistance is not greater than 1 ohm. Specifically speaking, the more different geological conditions can appropriately increase the grounding resistance of the monitoring system. For example, the forest fire protection unit must be installed on the ridge. The address is bluestone, there is no river ditches within 200 meters, and no excavation is possible. Large gravel, soil zone. At this time, if the ground of the monitoring system in this particular place is required to be no more than 4 ohms and the cost is ten times or even several ten times of the monitoring system itself, then the appropriate grounding resistance should be selected, and the cable with the large flow rate should be used as the connection. Ground line.

Fifth, the signal arrester is too far away from the equipment to be protected

If the arrester is installed too far away from the device, there is no way to eliminate the lightning currents induced on the communication lines and the power lines after the arrester reaches the front of the device. Therefore, it is recommended that the signal lightning arrester should be installed directly to the front end of the monitoring equipment, especially where the signal power lines go.

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