The effective period of dilution of the scale inhibitor

Reverse osmosis antiscalant can be used directly when the liquid is used, and it is added to the pipeline of the reverse osmosis equipment through the dosing pump. It can also be used after dilution. When diluting the scale inhibitor, pure water must be used. When the scale inhibitor is replaced or the scale inhibitor is added again, the additive tank must be kept clean and the medicine box sealed.

The dilution ratio of scale inhibitor should not exceed 1:10, ie 1L of scale inhibitor standard solution should add up to 9L of pure water. After diluting, stir it evenly so that the effect of the scale inhibitor component can be fully exerted. Is it appropriate to use the effective period of dilution of the scale inhibitor or how long after the diluted scale inhibitor is used up? Jinan Longchuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. recommended the use of the shorter the better, the best use of 7-10 days. Then adjust the anti-scaling agent again.

Why control the use of the shorter the better? This is because the components of the JC-A scale inhibitors contain bacteriostatic components, and the longer the time, the easier it is to cause growth of microorganisms or bacteria and algae. If you use a scale inhibitor concentrate, you can dilute the concentrate to a standard solution by the concentration factor before use, and then use a certain percentage of dilution before use. The recommended concentration of JC-A series scale inhibitor is 3-6ppm.

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