The latest hundred v cabinet dynamic latest hundred v cupboard official website price

For 100 v cupboards, many consumers now have a better understanding of it, but only if they understand the depth or not, today we will look at the latest developments of 100 v cupboards and the latest 100 k cupboard official website prices. Our consumers provide an important reference.

100 v cupboard brand introduction

Baiv Cabinet is a product of Chengdu Budweiser Kaicheng Technology Co., Ltd. It is one of the earliest domestic brands that specializes in manufacturing kitchenware and custom kitchenware. It is one of the most famous cabinet brands in mainland China. The main styles of the 100-V cabinet products include modern plates, rural gardens, simple European solid wood, and American-style solid wood. They advocate the concept of spending as a whole.

100 v cabinet honor

100 V cabinets now have more than 500 franchisees across the country. Has won the China Famous Brand, China's cabinet industry's most influential companies, cabinet industry top ten brands, cabinet industry sales elite and other honors, has also participated in the "residential kitchen and equipment basic parameters", "home kitchen", "kitchen "Furniture" and other industry standard settings.

100 v cupboard official website price

In the domestic cabinet industry, 100v is a relatively well-known brand. It mainly wins with the price. The price of the common cabinet is calculated according to the constant meter. The 100v cabinet is generally about 2,000 meters per one meter. Some small kitchens are The set price is a set of four or five thousand; a slightly larger set of cabinets will have six thousand, and a cheaper one will cost three or four thousand.

The above briefly introduces some of the information of the 100 V cabinet. In fact, it is not difficult to see that the overall cost-effectiveness of a hundred-v cabinet is very high. As a brand product, its reputation is also very high and it is one of the better choices for the average consumer.

The relevant information about the 100v cupboard official website was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Thermostatic shower mixers have  a build-in thermostat which controle the temperature of the water, this means that the water temperature is unaffected by other factors which may effect water supply to the shower, such as a washing machine or someone flushing a toilet, the HIDEEP thermostatic valve features a built-in temperature stop to prevent accidental scalding. 

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The latest generation of thermostatic shower mixers are equipped with an additional safety device. Thanks to the new technology, which keeps the mixer's metallic surface separate from the flow of the hot water, the mixer will never reach a scalding temperature externally, even when using high temperature. 

1. 38℃ safe and comfortable, guarantees greater safety maintaining the water temperature constant with more accuracy.

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Brand name



Brass main body and zinc alloy handle

Material analysis


Air pressure testing

0.6 Mpa

The thickness of chrome plating

Nickel>8um Chrome>0.2um

Salt spray test

24 hours

Water flow

Bath/Shower Mixer≥18L/min,

Cartridge life time

300,000 times open and close

Quality guarantee

5 Years quality guarantee


ISO9001, CE



Installation mode  



Hot/cold water mixer

LED thermostatic shower faucetThermostatic shower mixerbody jet thermostatic shower set Digital theromstatic shower faucet0102In winter, no matter whether adults or children are very torment to wash up and even don't want to touch water at all. However, we still need to wash hands and faces for cleanliness. Therefore, thermostatic faucet has become the great gospel of water use in winter. The thermostatic faucet has a built-in thermostatic cartridge which can automatically adjust the cold and hot water. So that the water temperature can be maintained at the set parameters and water flow can meet the needs of different users. 

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