The off-season furniture industry is coming

Midsummer is usually a low season for the furniture industry. What should companies do to achieve anti-season sales? Faced with the impact of the New Deal policy on the real estate market, the downstream furniture industry has also entered a period of in-depth adjustment. Under the dual pressure from the market slump and consumers being more cautious, many furniture companies are thinking about how to "break the situation" in this melee In the coming off-season of traditional sales in July and August, brand building has also become a part of major manufacturers that cannot be ignored. So how to use brand building to "break through" among many enterprises, how should brand building be operated?

Propaganda should be three-dimensional

In the face of a sluggish market environment, everyone has seen a trend of in-depth adjustment. "Sales in the peak season and brands in the off-season" is also a recognized method. "When everyone is silent, you are loud, obviously easier to be heard," Dai Qisheng, president of MEG Furniture, explained the truth clearly.

Naturally, in the off-season, there is more time and energy to dig deeper inside the company. As a channel for publicity, the choice of media is also particularly important. How to create a powerful propaganda offensive and let your brand be touched by more people, three-dimensional propaganda is naturally the only choice. Now our online media platforms and other new promotional media are growing rapidly in brand promotion, and various manufacturers have invested a lot to do network promotion. "It can be seen that more and more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the people that the new media can involve.

Compared with traditional media, new media represented by online media has the characteristics of more real-time communication, younger audience, and relatively low cost. It has a good effect on companies that want to create greater publicity coverage in a short time. As the increasingly competitive furniture industry, whoever can first brand in the minds of consumers, who can seize the market opportunity, Peugeot Furniture General Manager Zhu Guangyu also quite agrees with this: "The furniture industry has been" full competition since its inception "The industry has always been the consumer's market. I think everyone is adapting to this process. Both the market and the external environment are constantly being adjusted temporarily. The changes in new consumption trends and publicity are also three-dimensional publicity."

In addition, word-of-mouth communication also plays a considerable role as the most cost-effective method. This geometric-level communication method can often receive more results with less effort. However, grasping word-of-mouth communication requires companies to do their own cultivation, which is imperceptible. The impact is actually a requirement for the enterprise's own skill. Regardless of the brand height you want to achieve, the breadth of publicity is the first thing to pay attention to. How to choose the right way and lay out the corresponding publicity network all determine the success of a brand marketing.

Brands need to be enriched

In the face of a fiercely competitive market environment, many manufacturers have seen the importance of brand building, and they have increased their publicity. However, publicity is not enough. How to increase the added value of their own brands determines the consumer ’s The recognition of the results of publicity, a brand building full of exaggeration and no actual value support, is like a bunch of bubbles. When the bubbles have burst, the consumers are left with more distrust of the enterprise. The counter-effects of such publicity are often Is fatal. Therefore, to ensure good product quality and add as much added value to the brand as possible is the foundation of brand building. Only by laying this foundation can we pave the way for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Brand sublimation

Compared with FMCG, IT and other industries, the furniture industry is still in the initial stage of the development process, which also gives the furniture industry a very good brand building environment. In the industry, there are many brands and the concentration is very low. Who can be the first One is accepted by consumers, and the advantages it creates will be very difficult to surpass.

With reference to the practices of advanced industries, it may be a shortcut to sublimate the brand. In the communication with the furniture "big guys", the editor noticed a phenomenon. Everyone's focus on brand building still stays in In terms of brand reputation and coverage, there is not much consideration for the brand's own identifiability, so this embarrassing situation arises. When creating a furniture brand, everyone often expresses to consumers that we The quality of our products is excellent, and the environmental protection standards are met. We are a very responsible brand, but the problem comes at this time. It is true that this is a very good way for consumers to see the sincerity of the brand and the intention of the manufacturer. But if everyone says so, then the brand's characteristics are there.

Looking at the world-renowned brands, it is not difficult to see that each brand has its own unique story and its own brand appeals, so as to attract the corresponding audience, and then become the leader admired by everyone. On the other hand, the furniture industry can hardly reach such a high level, which is related to the relatively short development time of the furniture industry, but it is also an aspect that cannot be relaxed if you want to build a mature brand to distinguish it from other companies.

All in all, brand building is a three-dimensional project. It is necessary to consider both the breadth of communication and the connotation of the brand itself. Only after perfecting its brand appeal and brand value, comprehensively using various channels for communication can we get the best. effect. But in today's furniture industry, we also see that whether it is the development of the enterprise itself or the deployment of the required funds, it restricts the scale operation of brand building. However, in the foreseeable future, who will take this matter first Do well, make your own brand truly, easy to accept, clear characteristics, who will first stand out in the fierce competition, occupy the high point of furniture consumption.

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