The successful application of screw pump production injection wells into production wells

March 26, 2007 From Liaohe Oilfield Company Shuguang Oil Recovery Plant was informed that: After years of hard work by the Institute of Process Technology, screw pump oil production technology has been successfully applied. Since then, the injection wells into production wells are no longer "myths and legends." It is understood that the design of injection wells and production wells of different structures, "division of labor" are different. Water injection wells to reduce oil production wells can reduce costs and avoid duplication of construction, technical bottlenecks over the years has been troubled by the oil extraction industry in our country, only in the well at the same time, increase the pumping unit and other large oil recovery equipment, complex production costs High, ineffective, very inconvenient construction operations. Shu mining has been devoted to the technical research of injection wells to oil recovery wells, Institute of Technology organizations, the Shu Shu 2-5-209 injection wells as the research object, the implementation of well test. After repeated tests and demonstration, researchers put forward a preliminary concept of screw pump oil production technology. Then the composition of the screw pump project team meticulous design process plan, meticulously organized on-site construction, in the second mining and oil production operations and other related units with the active cooperation, on February 13, 2007 successfully Shu 2-5-209 well Production wells, the initial Nissan liquid 16.8 tons. Researchers, screw pump oil production technology is based on the difference between water injection well and oil well structure, in the transfer process, the injection wells by adding a simple, practical screw pump, fundamentally change the well group mode of operation to achieve well. Compared with using large equipment such as pumping unit, this technology greatly saves the cost of oil well re-production and well diversion, eliminates the complicated manual labor such as pumping and school machines, simplifies the commissioning procedure, shows low investment and high efficiency , Quick installation, convenient operation and other technical advantages. Statistics show that Shu 2-5-209 wells converted to production wells, the production steady, Nissan liquid volume has risen to 17.1 tons, the average daily crude oil 6.7 tons, 110.3 tons of oil production stage, the conversion effect is very obvious. The successful application of screw pump production technology for the Liaohe Oilfield injection wells to provide technical support to the oil well, significant for the exploitation of crude oil.