There are many types of bedroom furniture, would you choose?

There are many bedroom homes. By category, there are bedroom beds, bedside cabinets, TV cabinets, wardrobes, etc. By brand, there are too many. By material, there are solid wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture, and board-wood combined material furniture. There are so many furniture in that bedroom, would you choose the right furniture for you?

The most dazzling and important furniture in the bedroom is the bed, because the bed is usually in the center of the bedroom. Everyone must pay attention to the size of the bed before purchasing the bed. Do not affect the overall ratio of the bedroom in order to blindly pursue the large bed. Before buying the bed, the specific area of ​​the bedroom should be measured. One-half, and the width of the aisle between the bed and the furniture on both sides should be more than 50 cm, and reserve enough moving distance. This is also the reason why you should first set the furniture and then renovate.

How to choose a bedroom wardrobe?

The second is the wardrobe. Don't wait until the decoration is completed before you build or install it. This will waste a lot of time and materials. It is best to measure the size and choose the style when the decoration is one-third. And as a cabinet for storing and storing clothes for the four seasons, it should be as large as possible. Wardrobes that occupy the same area, higher ones can store more items, and they will not affect the appearance. The top-of-the-line wardrobes are not easy to have sanitary corners, and save a lot of things ~

How to choose a bedside table in the bedroom?

The last is the bedside table. The bedside table is also an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom. As a cabinet, the bedside table is mainly used for storage and storage, so its practicality is very important. Choose a square style as much as possible to maximize the use of space for storage. Generally, the height of the bedside table is about 5 cm lower than the bed, so that people can take things while lying on the bed.

In general, the choice of furniture should be based on practicality and environmental protection, followed by beauty, and design furniture. In addition to highlighting the owner's taste, it is also very pleasing to watch.

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