Water head - stone composite board national standard technical exchange meeting held!

Abstract On the afternoon of August 30th, 2009, the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Association of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce Composite Board Professional Committee jointly organized the "Stone Composite Board National Standard Technology Exchange Conference" in Shuitou (Quanzhou City, Fujian Province...

On the afternoon of August 30, 2009, the “Stone Composite Board National Standard Technical Exchange Meeting” jointly organized by the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Association of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Composites Committee was held in Shuitou (Nan'an City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province). . On the morning of August 29th and 30th before the meeting, Director Zhou Junxing visited the stone composite board enterprises accompanied by Bai Lijiang, secretary general of the special committee.
The meeting was held during the critical period when the stone composite board industry standard was upgraded to the national standard. Prior to this, in July, the secretary-general of the special committee Bai Lijiang made a special trip to Beijing to visit the National Stone Material Inspection Center, and with Director Zhou and others. Experts in the stone industry have consulted, exchanged, communicated and discussed on standard technical issues. In order to listen more widely to the opinions and suggestions of the composite board enterprises on the standards, the National Stone Materials Inspection Center has made the development of the national standards for stone composite boards more comprehensive, more rigorous and more universal, especially in areas where stone composite board enterprises are concentrated. - Fujian Shuitou held the meeting, and dozens of stone composite panels, several related glue companies and several stone news media participated in the conference. The meeting was hosted by Bai Lijiang, Secretary General of the Stone Composite Board.
First of all, the director of the stone composite board special committee - Mr. Yang Liqiang, the chairman of Nan'an Xindongyuan Stone Industry Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province, represents the national stone composite board enterprise to the national stone material inspection center and director Zhou Junxing's concern for the stone composite board industry. Support and help express heartfelt thanks. Director Zhou Junxing and the participants introduced the recent operation status of the stone composite board enterprise, and emphasized that the drafting and formulation of the national standard of stone composite board will greatly regulate, promote and promote the whole industry of stone composite board. I hope that you will fully express your opinions, express your views, fully communicate and communicate, and fully reflect the production status and technical level of the company to the National Stone Materials Inspection Center and Director Zhou Junxing, in order to better formulate the national standards for stone composite panels.
Director Zhou Junxing of the National Stone Material Inspection Center first expressed congratulations to the stone composite board enterprises, because they just caught up with the addition of national standards in time and walked in front of other stone industry. Then, Director Zhou introduced the organization and construction of the Stone Standardization Committee to the participants. Namely: the National Standardization Management Committee approved the establishment of the National Stone Standardization Technical Committee in 2008, and established three sub-technical committees, which are: management specifications and application technology and technical sub-technical committees, products and auxiliary materials. Technical committee, special machinery sub-technical committee, and at the same time set up to set up a man-made stone working group. I also introduced the system framework of China's stone standards: stone (natural and synthetic) products, basic and test method standards, stone-specific auxiliary materials standards, stone-specific mechanical equipment standards, application technical specifications and management standards. At present, there are 48 current standards related to stone in China, including 23 national standards, 24 building materials industry standards, and 1 entry and exit inspection and quarantine industry standard, which does not include the relevant abrasives standards. There are 33 stone standards in the process of being revised. Among them, there are 16 national standards, 17 building materials industry standards, 23 new standards, and 10 industry standards. The next step is to formulate 20 national standards for artificial stone terms and test methods, and amend 7 national standards for stone test methods.
Director Zhou of the National Stone Inspection Center introduced to the participants that the recent standardization tasks after the establishment of the National Stone Standardization Technical Committee are mainly to: supplement and improve the standards urgently needed for the development of China's stone industry, and initially establish a more complete standardization system for China's stone. The medium and long-term standardization tasks are mainly on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced standards, supplementing and perfecting the stone standardization system, and promoting the technological advancement of the industry, strengthening management, energy saving, environmental protection, recycling economy, waste utilization, engineering safety, etc. Strengthen the research on stone standardization and the formulation of relevant standards.
Director Zhou finally emphasized that the formulation of the national standard for stone composite panels was carried out on the basis of the above-mentioned major environment, and it will definitely promote the healthy and rapid development of the stone composite panel industry as a whole. The future of stone composite panels will surely have great potential and a bright future, and encourage stone composite board enterprises. We must strengthen our convictions, refine our internal strengths, unite and actively make progress, and strive to open up the domestic market, and the national standards for stone composite panels will be officially introduced next year. In the future, we will surely usher in the rapid growth and development of stone composite panels!
The theme of the exchange meeting was after Zhou introduced the system of stone standards and the task of the near-stasis, mainly focused on the technical indicators of the specific content of the stone composite board from the industry standard to the national standard. . General Manager Liu Xuyu of Xindongyuan Stone Industry Company of Nan'an City, Fujian Province elaborated on the contents of the key chapters of the “National Standard Recommendations for Natural Marble Reinforced Bricks” submitted to the National Stone Materials Inspection Center. include:
(1) When the stone composite board is divided into wall surface and ground, the thickness of the surface material is divided into two types. (2) The flatness of the stone-tile composite board, can refer to the standard of the corresponding tile (3) Stone-tile composite board Whether the straight angle error can refer to the standard of the ceramic tile industry (4) Whether the surface material of the stone-tile composite panel can be set according to the high-quality surface material, and the inferior surface material is limited.
(5) Whether the radioactivity of the stone-tile composite panel can refer to the national standard of Class A of natural marble.
In response to the opinions and specific indicators of the general manager Liu Xuyu, the responsible persons of all enterprises actively and enthusiastically spoke and expressed their opinions and opinions. From time to time, some differences and disputes were generated. The atmosphere of the discussion was positive and enthusiastic. The meeting was fully communicated and discussed about these technical issues directly related to the actual production of each enterprise.
The Secretary-General of the Stone Composite Board, Bai Lijiang, also elaborated on the standard revision drafts and explanations submitted to the National Stone Material Inspection Center. The main points are as follows:
1. National standards should be more subdivided, more comprehensive, more rigorous, and forward-looking.
2. The reference standard should draw more reference to the relevant standards of composite board substrate.
3. Introduce several terminology specific to the stone composite board industry: empty drum, degumming, and air bubbles.
4. The classification is more detailed, and it is divided into 10 kinds of stone composite boards according to the type of substrate.
5. Mark the common type, production type, trend type of the example.
6. The thickness of the composite panel is divided into two types: wall surface (≥1.0mm) and ground surface (≥2.5mm).
7. Specify the number and size of empty drums and air bubbles in the bonding surface of the composite panel.
8. The physical performance indicators of the composite board are subdivided into indoor decoration (10 categories) and outdoor decoration (5 categories).
9. The composite panel exterior decorative adhesive is subdivided into structural adhesives and composite adhesives, and the physical properties of the composite adhesives are separately specified.
10. After the completion of the national standard, the technical specifications for the construction of composite panel curtain wall will be issued as soon as possible.
In response to the above discussion, Director Zhou said that it is necessary to conduct communication and discussion between a wider range of experts and more experts in order to be determined according to various factors. The meeting also suggested to Director Zhou: Apply for the following industry standards for stone composite panels as soon as possible:
1. The production process specification and management standard of stone composite board.
2. Standard for stone composite glue for exterior wall decoration.
3, stone composite panel dry hanging curtain wall construction technical standards.
At the national standard technical exchange meeting of stone composite board, a paper written by Director Zhou Junxing of the National Stone Materials Inspection Center, "Recent Plan for China's Stone Standardization Work" and a special committee secretary Bai Lijiang wrote "About ultra-thin natural stone" The standard of the composite board industry is upgraded to the national standard revision draft and explanation", a draft of the "Natural Marble Reinforced Brick National Standard Proposal" and "Stone Composite Board Building Material Industry Standard" written by Liu Xuyu, the general manager of Xindongyuan Stone Industry. The information was distributed to all the participants. In the near future practical work, all the composite board companies have other opinions and suggestions, which can be reflected at any time to the stone composite board special committee, which will be reported to the special committee and then submitted to the committee. National Stone Material Inspection Center.
As a new type of decoration and decoration material, stone composite board has been gradually recognized by more and more customers with its unique and superior product performance, and its stone composite board building materials industry standard was officially promulgated on November 1, 2007. It has laid a fundamental foundation for the standardization and standardization of composite panels and promoted the rapid development of the stone composite panel industry in previous years. With the continuous development of the composite panel industry and the further innovation of products, the emergence of new materials, new processes and continuous improvement of production technology, the industry standards are further required to keep pace with the times. The convening of the "Stone Composite Board National Standards Technical Exchange Meeting" will surely enable the national standards introduced in the future to more fully reflect the types of stone composite panels, improve the testing items and technical indicators, specifications and upgrade products of different types of products. Quality, better promote the healthy and rapid development of the stone composite board industry!

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