What are the characteristics of polyurethane sheet

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What are the characteristics of polyurethane sheet:

Stability: light weight, high strength, good dimensional stability. We produce a batch of crucible plate crucibles. After one week of rigid polyurethane foam maturation, foam performance testing and foam performance are performed.

Strong adhesion: Polyurethane rigid foam has good bond strength to steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals, wood, concrete, asbestos, asphalt, paper, and polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic materials. The strength of the bond between the foam and the face material directly affects the practical effect of the composite plate.

Excellent thermal insulation performance: Polyurethane hard foam has a high closed cell rate and a very low thermal conductivity. Therefore, the polyurethane hard foam has the best thermal insulation properties in current building materials. The data show that the use of polyurethane sandwich panels can save 60% of the heating costs compared to the non-insulated external walls of the heating costs of steel and rigid polyurethane foam composite, for example, the composite sheet thermal conductivity listed.

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