What are the hazards of electric mattress?

When winter comes, the electric scorpion enters people's lives extensively. However, what seems to be a very practical electric mattress actually has a lot of hidden dangers and causes a lot of harm to the body. So what are the hazards of electricity ? The following small series briefly introduces the danger of powering the scorpion .

The harm of electric mattress 1: easy to cause disease

The occurrence of allergic dermatitis, on the one hand is the use of continuous thermal radiation blanket, the body's skin moisture is evaporated and dried; the other is due to the heat source itself on the skin irritation, so that some people's skin allergies, itching, or body Occurrence of small papules of varying sizes can cause bleeding, scab, and scaling after scratching. Most of these symptoms begin with the back of the human body and then gradually throughout the body. It often makes people unbearable and sleepless at night, affecting rest and work.

The harm of electric mattress II: not conducive to the health of infants and young children

The dehydration of infants and young children is due to the fact that the infants are in a period of growth and development. The intake of water should be higher than that of adults, and the use of electric blankets that are overheated for long periods of time will cause the children to lose water and dry the throat mucosa. Sagging, irritability and other dehydration symptoms.

The harm of electric mattress III: easy to cause adverse reactions

Electric blankets are an ideal heating item for winter homes. However, electric blankets are not suitable for everyone. Some people will experience adverse reactions after use.

When people use electric blankets, even if the insulation resistance is completely qualified, there will be induced voltage on the human body. Although this current is small, it is potentially dangerous to elderly and infirm persons or patients with heart disease and infants. Pregnant women sleeping on electric blankets may also cause fetal malformations. These people can use hot water bags or air conditioners for heating in winter, preferably without electric blankets. Stroke patients, especially older people, are more sensitive to their cold and hot skin, and overheated electric blankets can easily harm the body.

The harm of electric mattress four: May cause infertility

When the electric blanket is opened, there will be a very low electromagnetic field, which will have some negative effects on women's endocrine, and severely lead to infertility.

The male testicles can ensure the vitality of the sperm at a lower temperature, and the heat generated by the electric blanket may have a negative effect on the seminal vesicles of the men, which leads to less sperm in the male or weak sperm motility.

The harm of electric mattress five: resulting in decreased resistance

The child's physical vitality is relatively large. As the saying goes, "The child's buttocks are on three bowls of fire." Therefore, they are not afraid of cold blankets. If they are accustomed to the heat of the electric blanket, the child's resistance to cold will be reduced, and the immunity will be reduced and the growth and development will be affected. Not recommended for use. Really afraid that they are cold, you can add a layer of towels in the quilt, soft surface can reduce the skin and the quilt when the cold feeling.

The harm of electric shocks six: make people lose their energy

Sleeping electric blankets for a long period of time is not comfortable. If the temperature is too high, the quality of sleep will be reduced, and the person will feel restless after getting up the next day.

The relevant information on the hazards of the electric mattress was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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