What are the hazards of inferior hardware? How to choose hardware?

In home decoration, it is very important to choose a good hardware accessory, but everyone often chooses the hardware that you like and ignores the hardware. Next, let me introduce the hazards of inferior hardware. How to choose hardware? Let’s take a look.

When purchasing hardware, you must consider the quality problem. Don't just look at the appearance and ignore the quality. The hardware that looks different will be very different. This is normal. These price differences are related to the quality of the problem, generally more expensive hardware, the quality will still be better, the market rules are a penny. But it is not that the more expensive, the better, this requires you to know more about the product and then measure the price.

Generally, in the decoration, the hardware should not be all-inclusive, and the quality of the products will be insured; the quality of the hardware on the market is too large, and the spread is too large. A hinge from one to a dozen pieces, you said you will buy what, let others buy to see how people arrange his profits.

Decorative hardware covers a wide range, mainly including furniture hardware, lock hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, electrical accessories hardware and many other categories.

Nowadays, in the various hardware products used for decoration, the use of hinges, locks, handles and bathroom hardware is common, and it is also a product that is prone to problems.

First of all, consider the location of the locks and their importance, such as the front door, the entrance hall door must be more than the door on the room, bathroom or passage, pay more attention to the selection of good quality products. Then consider the environment, conditions and requirements of the lock, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right door, inner door or outer door to prevent the wrong product.

Second, consider the coordination with the decorative environment, and purchase products that match the decoration style according to your own preferences.

Third, consider the price/performance ratio. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider whether the production enterprise is formal and the quality is stable. It is recommended to choose a product with considerable popularity to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by the product.

In selecting the quality of a hardware product, an important part is its hardware accessories, which determine the flexibility, durability and longevity of opening various components. Generally, metal parts generally have poor hand feel, and the hand-made parts are rough, and it is prone to problems over time.


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