What are your perceived misconceptions about wallpaper?

Many people have misunderstandings about wallpapers. For example, the life span of wallpapers is very short, and it is easy to fade after a long time. There is also the saying that wallpapers are harmful to the human body and not environmentally friendly, and because the life span of wallpapers is short. , Frequent updates, renovation costs will be relatively large, so many owners in the renovation of the wall, will abandon the wallpaper selection paint, in fact, in this we all have a lot of awareness of wallpaper wallpaper errors, today Xiaobian gave the wallpaper right name!

First, short wallpaper life

Myth: The wallpaper has a short time of use, and it is not easy to take care of dirty things. For a long time, the colors are easy to change, which is not as good as latex paint.

Fact: A few years after the use of latex paint, it is prone to flaking, discoloration, dirty and difficult to clean, and the color is also single. The use of new materials makes the lifespan of wallpapers as long as 5 to 7 years, and the lifespan of some wallpaper products is even more than 10 years. Of course, tenants can also change the wallpaper to create a different home style and atmosphere. The new wallpaper is also very easy to take care of, dirty, wipe with a damp cloth, the color will not change.

Second, wallpaper is not environmentally friendly

Myth: Wallpaper is not environmentally friendly and harmful to the human body, so do not choose wallpapers!

Fact: It is a one-sided view that from the current production and process of wallpapers, domestic low-end wallpapers may contain a small amount of harmful substances but most imported wallpapers do not contain harmful substances such as lead and benzene, and from the perspective of applications The more advanced the country is, the higher is the demand for environmental protection, and the demand and use of wallpaper in developed countries is far higher than that of our country.

Third, wallpaper is easy to fall off

Myth: Wallpaper is easy to fall off, update is troublesome, and it is very troublesome.

Correction: It is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the pasting process does not meet the requirements, and now some brand wallpaper manufacturers often have a well-trained professional construction team. The construction uses Japanese original imported rubber powder, and provides perfect wallpaper paving. After-sale service.

Fourth, what material wallpaper is the same

Myth: Most owners think that the material of the wallpaper is the same.

Correction: Wallpapers can be divided into many types, such as paper wallpapers, natural material wallpapers, plastic wallpapers, plastic surface wallpapers, cloth wallpapers, wood surface wallpapers, metal wallpapers, diatomaceous earth wallpapers, and the like. The environmental protection and performance of different materials are very different, and the suitable space and style are also different.

Fifth, the cost of wallpaper is high

Myth: The cost of wallpaper is too high to be worthwhile!

Correction: In the wallpaper, the import wallpaper price is higher than the domestic wallpaper, the natural material wallpaper price is higher than the ordinary wallpaper, the big brand wallpaper price is higher than the miscellaneous brand wallpaper. But no matter which brand manufacturer, they will consider the purchasing power of the consumer groups targeted by their products. Moreover, the effect that the wallpaper can reflect and create is far beyond the Other decorative materials and it is an excellent choice.

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