What caused the difference between the theoretical weight and the actual weight of the steel grating?

The theoretical weight after galvanizing 255/30/100 is 40.4 kg/sqm. But we put it on the scale and we will find that his actual weight is 38kg/square meter. Is the product qualified? This is the inspection standard code. Of course not, the theoretical weight of the steel grating is a reference weight for a hot-dip galvanized steel grating type. How is the difference between the two weights caused? Mainly the steel grid plate in the national standard for the flat steel plate after the requirements of the -0.25 mm error caused by the use of, that is to say, we only choose the flat steel error within the national standard range, the weight will appear error.

It is convenient to adjust the trolley according to the construction of the variable cross-section second lining of the subway tunnel. According to the change of the subway tunnel section, the width of the construction trolley is randomly adjusted to adapt to the subway tunnel section. The construction requirements are changed. The adjustment of the trolley Convenient and fast, with few operators, low potential risk, low cost and high work efficiency.

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