Whether Wireless Bridge Can Be Used in Harsh Environment

There are many kinds of wireless monitoring equipments produced by Shenzhen Leian Technology, including analog wireless monitoring, digital wireless monitoring, 2.4G wireless bridge, 5.8G wireless bridge, wireless remote monitoring, wireless video monitoring, and wireless video transmission. However, in harsh environments, not all products can be used normally. Products selected in different environments are different. Let's briefly describe how we can guarantee the normal use of wireless monitoring in harsh environments.

The analog wireless monitoring transmission signal is an analog signal. If the wireless monitoring equipment is used to transmit the video signal in a strong magnetic field or strong electric environment, it will certainly be affected by the environment. Therefore, the use of analog wireless monitoring in a harsh environment to achieve wireless transmission is Unrealistic.

Digital wireless monitoring transmits digital signals. Compared with analog wireless monitoring, digital wireless monitoring devices have much stronger anti-interference ability. However, in the high-voltage environment of thousands of volts, the 2.4G wireless bridge will be affected to a certain extent, and in the harsh environment, 5.8G wireless bridges are used for transmission. The diffraction performance of the 2.4G wireless bridge will be stronger. If slightly obstructed, the 2.4G wireless bridge is recommended for transmission.

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