Which is good for home safe brand?

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Safes are basically used by every family to hold something more private. The products in the top ten brands of safes are very good in all aspects of quality. I believe that they can safely hold the "secret". Let's take a look at what brand of home brand safes and its top ten brands.
Which is the safe brand?
Top ten brands of household safes: Guangdong Anneng Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Almighty Safe, a professional manufacturer of safes in China, has become the flagship brand of China's safe after decades of development. Innovative technology research and development, excellent quality control, and perfect after-sales service have become the product suppliers of the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, and Guangzhou Asian Games. Almighty Safe, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, ranks first in China's top ten safe brands. Its products sell well in many countries and regions around the world, serving hundreds of millions of households. It is the safest container manufacturer in South China. Almighty safe, the all-around champion of safes.
Top ten brands of home safes ranked second: Ningbo Yongfa Group Co., Ltd.
Yongfa has a provincial R&D center and is a national high-tech enterprise. With nearly 200 technical patents, many products have been certified by European CE, SP and other international quality authority testing institutions; it is the first company in the industry to pass the US UL quality inspection and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification.
Top ten brands of home safes ranked three: Ningbo Aipu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1991, Ningbo Aipu Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the physical security of anti-theft safes (cabinet). In 2007, it was awarded the title of “China Famous Brand Product”. The whole process takes ERP information management as the platform, strictly implements the international ISO9001 quality management system and the international ISO14000 environmental management system certification requirements management to the terminal, forming a strong overall quality management body. In September 2005, Aipu safe was rated as “Zhejiang Famous Brand”. product".
Top ten brands of household safes ranked four: Hunan Ener Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hunan Ener Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was incorporated on March 18, 2005. It is the only authorized enterprise of Ener International Enterprise Group in China. It is a household safe and commercial safe. , a collection of design, development, production, sales in one of the safe company.
Top ten brands of home safes Rank 5: Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Chaoyou Security Technology Co., Ltd.
First-class equipment, leading technology, strict quality control, all-round, high-quality safety solutions and high-quality after-sales service have won the company's honor and won the credibility. “The vigor and vitality of the world” is the best interpretation of the Chaoyou brand.
Top ten brands of household safes ranked sixth: Shanghai Dibao Security Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Dibao Security Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by Dibao Company of the United States. It is the only licensed manufacturer of US patent technology in China. It is a licensed enterprise of the world brand, Diebold trademark, and is a global security precaution, financial self-service equipment and Leader, pioneer and trend representative in the field of security equipment.
Top ten brands of home safes ranked seven: Ningbo Aifeibao Cabinet Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Aifeibao's management philosophy is the pursuit of perfection, and there is no room for compromise. Exquisite, luxurious, elegant and different. Get rid of the secular restraint, pursue the spirituality of the self, and then extend to a higher and more perfect state.
Top ten brands of household safes ranked eight: Ningbo Huwang Safe Co., Ltd.
Tiger King, which helps China's leading safe products and technology upgrades and innovations, has worked tirelessly for decades to continuously improve the safety and diversification of safes, witnessing the development and transformation of the safe market, including Chinese consumers. The world's users provide security products with stable performance and excellent quality.
Top ten brands of household safes ranked nine: Ningbo Beilun Mingda Cabinet Co., Ltd.
In the long-term production practice, the company has accumulated rich professional experience, strong technical force, a group of high-quality staff, with the ability to produce all kinds of anti-theft safes (cabinet) and metal safes (boxes).
Top ten brands of household safes ranked ten: Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd.
Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise. It is one of the top 50 enterprises in Harbin and the top 100 enterprises in Heilongjiang Province. The profits and taxes are among the best in the same industry in the province and the city.

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